Huayang store BENQ BenQ GP2 Projector IPHONE / IPOD mini LED Projector

Huayang store BENQ BenQ GP2 Projector IPHONE / IPOD mini LED Projector

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Trafficking screen size: 60 inches to 120 inches
  • The number of supported colors: 1.07 billion colors
  • Best served distance: 3 meters
  • Body size (cm): 14.03 * 5.25 * 12.98
  • Lamp power: 20W
  • Lamp life: 30,000 hours
  • color: black
  • Brand: MEGO
  • Model: GP2
  • Technology: DLP Technology
  • Brightness: 200 lumens (inclusive) -300 lumens (free)
  • Resolution (dpi): 1280x800dpi
  • Contrast: 2001: 1-3000: 1
  • Aspect Ratio: 4: 3 16:10 16: 9
  • Time to market: 2016
  • Package: Package III Package II Package A The official standard
  • Bulb Type: LED Bulb

The new packaging FCL unopened, BenQ factory original! Authentic licensed! Genius!
(Warranty Policy: Warranty for two years; three years free labor costs / DMD chip three years without bright spots; four hours on-site service spare machine


1. What is a good home projector machine can recommend?
A: In case you are new entrants projector market, unable to figure out the clue, 'sales figures' should be your guiding light I believe the public eye, I believe most buyers choose to believe that people's eyes are sharp!! of!

2, to see the cottage projectors are also well received, I do not know who to choose, then?
A: Taobao evaluation system, the buyer after the return is not evaluated, so we see the one hand, some no brand projector rave reviews, on the other hand, also heard some buyers to return the cottage projectors, then purchase brand manufacturers of machines. such praise exactly how much credibility? how to dig out one of the 'trick'? Taobao new show out of the evaluation system provides us with a window, you can get a glimpse of the various sellers return rate If a seller return rate is far higher than the industry average, then we must carefully consider what causes it? even his clients appraisal records are 'clean and beautiful' in!
See two pictures:
The following is a data projector cottage Taobao seller credit evaluation show that appears


1, a cottage seller 10.99% refund rate means that every 10 pen auction will return again, return rates far exceeding the industry average;
2, 'the quality of goods' refund of times, the seller is the cottage
20! Can be understood as quality brands in the projector 20 times higher than the cottage?
3, 'because no reason to refund buyers' number of times, in fact, reflects the customers' perception of, level of acceptance, to a certain extent on the product is the customer for the product description give them' expected 'effect and actually get our hands feel after a contrast! Buyer satisfaction in a nutshell is the real effect! cottage seller refund number is
36! Can be understood as the brand manufacturers projectors user satisfaction 36 times higher than the cottage?

All refunds buyers will not be evaluated, we can not know the reasons for their return, but from a sustained high return rate, we can see the cottage projector products, or describe their goods, both at least one is a the problem, or at the same time there is a problem. otherwise, there will be so many customers will be willing to bear the shipping back and forth a lot of money and choose to return it!

Just think, the lack of evaluation so many return buyers, as well as their evaluation records speak truth? Now where to stay in the evaluation records are nodding OK buyers, some knowledgeable buyers chose to return, but also they found that the problem also be taken away, leaving not evaluated in a 'cloud'.

3, Better Projector say their brand is 'leading' brand projector, I get confused!
A: Their argument is correct, but is inaccurate seen every special opening of the General Assembly, the leadership of the podium sat there several rows, there are dozens or even hundreds of people, these are the leaders but the real big brother!! can only sit in the first row of the podium the most central location of that one BenQ projector is sitting in the field of the podium in the first row of the middle position of that one! Market economy, with sales and market share to speak, BenQ projector sales and market share in both the domestic market or the global projector market occupies first! Boss position no shake!

4, BenQ brand have not heard how, do not know is not really good.
A: You need to buy the projector, BenQ has not heard of this brand, this is not your problem, BenQ problem is the whole question of the projector projector industry is relatively specialized field, before you set foot in few! of 'circles' of the situation is not very understanding, unlike the 'Coca-Cola' brands, whether it is like to drink or exclusion, are aware of this brand, which is the mass merchandise trade and professional distinction lies. we will not yellow woman praises, but gives you real data is: BenQ projector brand worldwide sales remain the first, from 2009 since the start of the second quarter, BenQ projector sales in China firmly occupy the first position, the market is always right! to believe that the choice of the market. we hope you read this text, it will be understood.

5, not a lot of brand projector very cheap ah, only you half price.
A: This is the cottage machine after-sales support from our point of view by saying that is a Acer, BenQ and other manufacturers of brand machines have service outlets across the country, 'at any time can become a pile of scrap metal machine!' You will enjoy the convenience, consistent service and support! unlike cottage machine have to find the store warranty. IT Industry competition, who knows when the store is gone it? Oh! But casual brand manufacturers 'disappeared' people of the world can not promise Oh! Oh!

In addition, the so-called price level in order to use the same performance comparison, everyone knows, cottage nominal 1000 yuan succeed only if we are half the price of a very low-end machines 640 * 480 resolution, even if it is priced at 1500 yuan 800 * 600 resolution of the projector is used on the verge of elimination monolithic LCD technology. LCD biggest weakness is useless, there will be hundreds of hours of color distortion, post-maintenance treatment every need. will also produce a lot of money costs machine price is only about 600-700 yuan cheaper than we, considering whether it is brand quality, technical or sales support are the most reassuring. after all, more than 1000 yuan and 2000 yuan is not a small sum of expenditure I believe we will make a sound choice!

6, this projector is not able to watch television?
A: Yes, I believe that many regions have carried out the transformation of digital cable, then those users will be connected to the projector and digital set-top boxes will be able to broadcast television programs, according to national triple play plan, the future trend is the digital TV signal, then. All users will be able to directly use the projector to watch the TV show. currently, only (about 100 yuan on Taobao sale) without cable television digital transformation of the temporary user can buy a TV box about the transition.

Transportation of goods
The projector and screen are made express, as part of long curtain member (100 inch electric screen to be more than 2.3 meters long), general delivery is not received, the screen designated to send separate streams, STO or SF Express.

The projector sends a courier, sent separately curtain another courier, since long, transit may be delayed, so the curtain member may be 1-3 days to arrive late, please pay attention.

Note: remote areas do not guarantee delivery as part of the long curtain behind the curtain member, please unpacking inspection receipt curtain metal is deformed, and then re-sign, sign to accept the parcel imply endorsement curtain curtain appearance, please be careful...

BenQ projector service
Services Term:

product name Machine warranty period
Machine (light bulbs, annex except) light bulb remote control
Projector 24 months Six months and the use of 1000 hours or less 24 months

BenQ Projector Features Pledge

1, two years of free Genius
Service types and duration:
Machine: two-year warranty;
Lamp: six months (and has not been used more than 1000 hours) warranty;
Remote control: two-year warranty.

Free labor costs 2, the third year
From the date of purchase BenQ projectors club website registered over 15 days BenQ projectors are exempt from service labor costs in the third year.

3, DMD chip no five-year warranty Highlights
Projector from the date of purchase, such as non-human factors DMD chip highlights within five years, you can enjoy a free replacement DMD chip services.

4, four hours standby machine door
From the date of purchase BenQ projectors club website registered over 15 days BenQ projector (paid maintenance and replacement of the machine does not offer this service).
(1) Service Hours: Monday to Friday 9: 00-17: 00 (15:00 admissibility of the machine will be serviced in the next working day, in case of holidays).
(2) Service Provider mode: meet the above criteria, such as machines to produce a functional disorder in the course of normal use, please contact the customer service hotline and 400 request, arrange for alternate machine site service within four hours of local service center.
(3) Special note: customers using backup machine process, please ensure correct operation, if the operation due to customer errors caused by machine, annex exception, BenQ will depend on the actual situation, please provide the appropriate compensation.

BenQ projector sales technical support service hotline: 4008880333

★ Tips

Please buyers in the purchase be sure to carefully read the following terms, if in doubt you can ask our sales staff consultation are you photographed shop goods at the same time equal to the following provisions recognized!

1, the shop sold BenQ Benq projector, Acer Acer projectors all BenQ / Acer authentic licensed brand new, original packaging unopened! BenQ and / Acer store supply channel is the same! And accepted around the BenQ / Acer Customer Service identification! never sell fake, second-hand, refurbished goods, defective, parallel! promises a lost decade (the shop joined consumer protection plan, Taobao Xianxingpeifu service!

2, Our goods are generally used courier delivery, the buyer at the time of receipt must see product packaging we sent is broken, whether it was opened, the seal is intact, if found non - compliance, please do not sign, contact us directly. If the package is intact, not damaged or crushed, seals are intact before they can sign, and inventory in person, if there are questions, please contact us (the way property damage committed only by registered mail that day effective).

3, because manufacturers will change the product packaging without any advance notice, origin or some accessories, the shop can not ensure buyers receive the goods and merchandise image, exactly the same origin, appendix is ​​only to ensure that the genuine ! and guarantees consistent with the same mainstream new products on the market at that time and if the shop did not update the picture and description on the page, understanding and timely to remind us, thank you!

4, it sold the BENQ BenQ projector supports all Genius, you could go to the warranty for products Three Guarantees Return Policy, in strict accordance with relevant state regulations specific warranty period and warranty coverage, refer to the official BenQ BENQ warranty.

5, the restaurant does not provide any form of price protection, buyers photographed our products has been accepted and recognized after goods prices. Because of the large IT product price changes, we will be ready to adjust the sales price based on purchase costs, have been shot under the trade buyers but we have not received the goods that we do not provide any form of price protection.

6, please buyers in the purchase of its own to confirm whether to buy the right merchandise, returns an error because the buyer arising from the purchase, buyers need to bear the return shipping shipments. Meanwhile, when the return in case of commodity prices, then the Return money calculated at lower prices after the special attention: if seal packaging of goods (such as a projector), its packaging is damaged, anti-counterfeit labels scratch or verified, warranty stickers torn, do not support the return, because they can not again as a new genuine sales, thanks!

Happy life, everywhere share

The new ultra-portable mini projector GP2 designed for portable audio-visual entertainment to create. Simply connect the Apple iPhone or iPod dock, anytime, anywhere to share videos, photos and games with friends and family, while GP2 also supports other smartphones, tablets and media player.

BenQ GP2 Mini Projector

It is unique to your portable multimedia entertainment device

BenQ launched a new second-generation LED handheld micro projectors GP2, slim body, black and white design logo, the unique number of upgraded features, including an integrated iPhone / iPod dock, an optional battery pack, short-focus projector, no unparalleled multimedia connectivity, built-in 2W (x 2) stereo speakers, which will lead the new wave of lED micro projector market, you become love mobile entertainment device. regardless of location, GP2 can give you a wonderful multimedia experience, the real fun technology anytime, anywhere.

Removable battery portable

Portable battery, so GP2 really get rid of the shackles of wires. Battery (fills) lets you enjoy the 100 lumens, mobile cinema's three hours of music.

Ultra-portable entertainment, control their own destiny

Your Apple devices such as iPhone / iPod is inserted into the projector slot, making sure it supports TV output, you can share your favorite videos, photos and games with your friends and family in the 160-inch screen at the same time, this dock will pass to the iPhone / iPod charging, fun.

Simple and elegant design

GP2 stylish appearance, compact, weighing only 565 grams (without batteries), regardless of family gatherings, camping or traveling abroad, you will carry a good partner.

Built-in 2W * 2 audio power

GP2 built two high-quality 2W stereo speakers, even away from home, traveling light, has excellent sound quality companions.

Music playback standby mode

GP2 or your portable speakers, simply place it in standby mode, you can play your favorite tracks

Rich multimedia interface

GP2 interface compatibility, and can be easily connected to home entertainment and personal multimedia devices you use every day.

USB projection function

GP2 and USB cable to connect your computer to achieve the projection, no D-Sub cable.

USB file transfer

Directly to your multimedia files stored in the projector's built-in 2GB memory, easy travel

Stunning picture quality

With BenQ's 3LED projection technology, GP2 use RGB LED lamp as a light source, for a theater-clear picture quality and optimized brightness, contrast, resolution, NTSC color gamut. Wherever you are, 160 inches large screen entertainment fingertips.

Support 720p HD

The second-generation GP2 Mini Projector support high-definition screen, upgrade your viewing experience. HD render your favorite movies, events, TV!

Short distance projection 44 'picture

With 1.13 times the short-focus projection ratio, GP2 is not only highly portable and extremely flexible. Distance of one meter is sufficient substantial projection screen, space is no longer a problem.

Pleasing color and contrast

GP2 has a 2400: 1 contrast ratio and high brightness 200 ANSI lumens, more sophisticated colors, text clearer.

Brightness enduring

Thanks 3LED technology, this mini projector in economy mode can be projected 30,000 hours, enduring the brightness. Even if you use 8 hours per day, enough for you to spend more than ten years. In addition, the use of non-durable filter DLP engine, GP2 also energy saving, easy to maintain.

People-oriented design

It provides a friendly user experience is the highest goal to pursue GP2! Different from traditional projector, its user interface combines elements of popular multimedia navigation equipment, thoughtful features more closely your mobile lifestyle.

Touch-sensitive control panel

Different from traditional projector, GP2 intuitive user interface design, operating just one.

Multimedia Support

From the video, photos, music, GP2 support a variety of multimedia formats.

Instant on / off

Quick On / Off feature allows GP2 switch within seconds. No need to wait!

Stylized vents

Vents from the hole sizes of the composition, appearance, interesting, beautiful, apart from GP2 so without affecting its heat.

Auto Keystone

Auto Keystone can be deformed photos, graphics and charts into a fit square, easy to use and flexible.
'Made for iPod' and 'Made for iphone' indicates that the electronic device is designed to connect iPod and iPhone designed to meet Apple performance standards (certified developer). But Apple is not responsible for the operation and safety regulations of the equipment standard Also note that when the device is used simultaneously with the iPod and iPhone, may affect wireless performance.

? 2011 Apple Inc.. All rights reserved. Apple, Apple logo, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod Classic, iPod nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the US and other countries.

Apple created the era of intelligent, Apple iphone , ipod and ipad On the road it has become a ubiquitous fashion tide things, each Projector Manufacturers have launched the iphone compatible Micro Projector , Although can be connected to iphone, but you must use Apple VGA Adapter adapter cable to complete the connection, BenQ GP2Fashion mini projector, the body directly with Apple devices base, no longer need to buy any equipment cables can be directly connected with Apple devices Apple devices will be completely compatible with the GP2 perfect.

BenQ GP2Uses DLP projection technology, and the use of long-life LED light source with 200 lumens brightness, 2400: 1 contrast ratio and 1280 × 800 widescreen resolution, projection screen 44 inches in 1 Miri BenQ GP2 is not only compatible with Apple devices video and pictures playback, but also for apples product Charging, simply do both.

feature of product:

● ultra-portable entertainment, control their own destiny

● rich multimedia interface

● stunning picture quality

● support for 720p HD

● Brightness enduring

● people-oriented design

BenQ GP2 Projector Fashion Appearance

BenQ GP2fashion Micro Projector Using black and white design, black top area, surrounded by white was alone appearance is very fashion style, GP2 whole body specifications: 140.3 × 52.5 × 129.8mm, weighs only 560g, the user can easily be put out the demo package or business meetings.

BenQ GP2It has 1.13 times more than the short-focus projector can achieve 1 meter distance from the projection screen 44-inch screen, solve the user due to lack of space and can not enjoy the big screen picture problems.

BenQ GP2 focus ring is located Projector On the left, with silver design, while focusing accuracy is very high.

BenQ GP2 Projector stylish control panel located on top of the fuselage, using ring design, when the intermediate power button will appear white LED backlight, the user can not find the keys to solve the trouble in a dark environment, even the fuselage control panel with touch buttons fingers gently touch the button and you are done, high sensitivity, unlike other touch panel buttons will need to repeatedly respond.

Fashion BenQ GP2 Projector Detailed description

BenQ GP2Side with a SD slot, users can camera In just shoot good photos, just SD card Insert GP2 can be completed in job sharing between friends.

once Micro Projector Relatively weak in terms of ports, universal compatibility relatively poor, but today's BenQ GP2fashion Projector Rich in terms of ports unexpected, with Mini HDMI port, 3.5mm audio interface, D-sub, Video, and component interfaces, and supports USB memory direct reading function.

One of the biggest features BenQ GP2 is equipped with a special apple base, using the groove design, can support iPhone series, iPod Series, iTouch series product Compared with the Vivitek Qumi Q2 save more tedious extra step interpolation line, simply plug in the Apple devices can be demonstrated to work.

BenQ GP2 built two high-quality 2W stereo speakers, even away from home, traveling light, has excellent sound quality companions.

BenQ GP2 remote control is very small, on the remote part of the projector control function, while the lower half is divided into specialized control iphone4 / ipod key blocks, support fast forward, selections, volume control and other shortcut functions.

BenQ GP2 Projector Fashion Performance Introduction

Power test:

BenQ standby power consumption: 4.21W.

BenQ GP2Runtime, power consumption: 26.36W.

BenQ GP2 somewhat lacking in the standby power consumption, and not to achieve zero standby power, but power consumption performance in the use of good, long time to keep power consumption hovering between 25-28W.

Temperature Test:

Former BenQ GP2 temperature, indoor temperature: 18.9 ℃.

BenQ GP2 pre vents, temperature: 44.2 ℃.

BenQ GP2 body like a palm-sized, but the heat because there is no body size affected, tradition Micro Projector Prolonged use can lead to heat hot body, but BenQ GP2 entirely absent such cases, only the front vents hot air came out of the fuselage remain completely at room temperature.

Noise Test:

BenQ GP2 before measuring noise, interior noise is: 42.0dB.

BenQ GP2 running, the noise of 51.2dB.

miniature Projector Usually known as a small, but compact body will lead to increased running noise, usually micro-projector noise 15dB in this way, but BenQ GP2 completely silent environment, even 10dB noise figure are not, even if armed with GP2 not listen carefully not aware of the existence of the noise.

BenQ GP2 read speed video playback, fast forward and slow forward screen smoothly without jamming, and supports AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, VOB, DAT and FLV format playback.

BenQ GP2 photo browsing support JPG, BMP and PNG format playback, and support for slide mode.

After busy work, BenQ GP2 can also be used to play music to relax, and supports MP2, MP3, AMR, AWB, M4A, FLAC, OGG and WAV music formats.

BenQ GP2 in USB playback performance is quite good, the surface of a common format compatible with the current market, the situation is stuck and so smooth without playing, great news for business or entertainment people.

BenQ GP2 Projector iphone4 fashion test

iphone4 is now the most common arcade on the road, whether it is functional or usability are very superior, BenQ GP2Apple devices equipped its base, simply insert iPhone4 iTouch or base can be shared between multiple amplification with friends.

The use of test equipment for small series: iphone4, iphone4 simply plugged directly into BenQ GP2Apple special base will automatically cut the charging mode, it means that the two have been successfully connected.

After the two are connected, the iphone4 appears'computer Connected ', iphone4 and Ipad2Different, ipad2 can support all interface output, and supports high-definition video output only iphone4 and photos, games or browse the web were able to show that this problem can be purchased for $ 9.99 through external display plug-in to resolve.

BenQ GP2 Projector SuperHiviCast fashion test

Standard Definition test:

BenQ GP2It is the section 720P-quality fashion Micro Projector If a business is defined as the use of the words, then the Office Software Requirements will naturally be quite high and standard definition can be learned from the test chart, BenQ GP2Projected effect is quite good, consistent test pattern lines, and does not appear jagged lines in the middle portion of the white arc also performed quite smooth, results in practical WORD, EXCEL and PPT and other office software will definitely test the effect is more than it is good.

Font intelligibility test:

Whether for business or home use font effects are very important, font test font BenQ GP2 performance is very clear, sharp angles fonts, font no mutual adhesion, but because only 200 lumens of reasons, the middle part is very small font dim, so the best in the whole dark environment, to avoid such occurrences.

Color saturation test:

BenQ GP2 screen brightness controls are in place, the picture is distinct layering, saturation quite substantial, the user can also adjust the screen color according to personal preference, GP2 practical effect even than ordinary 720P Entertainment Projector better.

Contrast Test:

BenQ GP2 mini fashion Projector Although only 2400: 1 contrast ratio, but the actual effect of the performance is quite good, you can easily distinguish the black woman with a black background, the black woman's clothes into the background of the situation did not appear, and wrinkled black woman of her clothes marks can be clearly seen.

BenQ GP2 stylish projector screen photo map

Xiao Bian using high-definition video aspect Blu-ray Player BenQ GP2Connection, but can not alone ordinary HDMI cable is connected, need to match the Mini HDMI interface to connect to function correctly, the permeability of the bottle from the movie, the car mirror and trees texture details, can be seen BenQ GP2In terms of great detail and color reproduction performance is also quite natural, but limited to only 200 lumens of brightness, the screen overall effect is dim.

The next step is to test Xiaobian frequently used SuperHiviCast common theme in the movie, such as the user wants a better understanding of that subsection Projector The effect can be compared with each other projector review article.

Fashion BenQ GP2 Projector SuperHiviCast screen photo map

Fashion BenQ GP2 Projector SuperHiviCast screen photo map

Fashion BenQ GP2 Projector SuperHiviCast screen photo map

Fashion BenQ GP2 Projector SuperHiviCast screen photo map

Fashion BenQ GP2 Projector SuperHiviCast screen photo map

Fashion BenQ GP2 Projector SuperHiviCast screen photo map

BenQ GP2 Projector summary fashion

BenQ GP2fashion Micro Projector Has a very compact design, the fuselage above the base also with Apple, not only connect the video, Apple devices can also be charged and also has a powerful USB direct read compatibility, environmental protection and energy saving in similar products He made a good example, whether it is power consumption, noise, temperature, or electromagnetic radiation, far less than expected indicators.

BenQ GP2200 lumens of brightness, or lacking, need to be used in completely dark environment brightness, if used in bright lights or the environment, it will be less than should have effect. (Text /computer House Dujia Jie)


1. Apple devices equipped with a base;

2.30000 hours long life;

3. Support USB direct playback;

4. equipped with two 2W speakers;

BenQ GP2
Standard resolution WXGA (1280 * 800)
brightness 200 lumens
Number of bulbs A
Contrast 2400:1
The highest resolution 1600×1200
Lamp power 25W
product type miniature Projector
Projection Technology DLP
Lamp life Normal mode: 20,000 hours, the economic model: 30,000 hours
Display chip Texas Instruments DLP digital light processing projection technology
Light type LED lights
speaker 2×2W
Projection size 20-160 inches
Zoom mode Fixed (fixed focus)
Number of colors 1.07 billion colors
screen ratio 16:10
Aperture range F=1.93
Computer Compatibility 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Keystone Vertical: ± 40 degrees
Video Compatibility NTSC, PAL, SECAM
Throw Ratio 1.13:1
The actual focal length f = 26.95mm
Scanning frequency Level: 31-99KHz
Vertical: 23-120Hz
Input terminal 1 × D-sub 15 pin
1 × HDMI
1 × Video (RCA)
1 × Mini DIN 4pin
1 × Component input (RCA × 3)
1 × Audio Input (Mini Jack)
1 × Audio L / R input (RCA × 2)

Output terminal 1 × audio output (Mini Jack)
Control terminal 1 × USB (Type A)
1 × USB (Type Mini B)
Total power Normal mode: 45W, economic model: 34W
Products Noise Normal mode: 29dB, the economic model: 24dB
power supply performance AC100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Product Size 140.3 * 52.5 * 129.8 (without batteries) 140.3 * 93.8 * 129.8 (with battery) mm
product weight 0.56kg
Other properties It supports multimedia formats:
video: AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, VOB, DAT, FLV

Image: JPG (.jpg / .jpeg), BMP (.bmp), PNG (.png)
Subtitle: MKV built-in, SRT (.srt)
Document: Text (txt)

Other Features BrilliantColor technology
Support 3D (DLP link, PC + Video)
Digital zoom
Direct Power
FAQ hotkey
Compatible Closed Captions
Wireless Projection
You can adjust the volume output
USB projection
Background wall color correction
Rapid cooling
High Altitude Mode
Auto Power Off (no signal)

packing list BenQ GP2 x1
Remote control x1
Carrying bag x1
Adapter x1
USB cable x1
Power cord x1
User Manual CD x1
Quick Start Guide x1
Warranty card x1
CEA (30 Pin) line x1