Antelope Morning | unisex Korean couple models | Chun Xia Gezi warm knitted scarves shawl dual air conditioning

Antelope Morning | unisex Korean couple models | Chun Xia Gezi warm knitted scarves shawl dual air conditioning

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2013 Fall
  • Material: Polyester
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Season: Winter
  • Gender: Female
  • Color Category: Plaid Man - Man green plaid - beige plaid Man - orange slowly - camel stripe paragraph - green slowly - Green Lake Placid - orange stripe paragraph - Jianghuang Qing Mei sniff - light green lattice models - Blue Orange slowly - blue Ash Lake Placid - China [red] color main figure walking slowly - sniff Fenlv Ome - Ome olfactory blue - Rose slowly - Claret Lake Placid - black slowly - plaid [HOT one hundred and eighty thousand] stripe paragraph - Rose lattice models - dark blue slowly - rubber red lattice models - beige lattice models - orange
  • Scarf Brand: Antelope Morning
  • Product Number: wh289
  • Style: Scarf / scarves
  • function: to keep warm
  • Applicable: Youth
  • Style: Korean
  • Clothing style details: tassel
  • Pattern: plaid
  • Component content: 96% or more

Baby Description:

Size introduction: length 200cm width 65cm

Weight: 200G

Factory direct shipping only 29.9 yuan! Materials are more than the price on the market to be at least 150 or more! If you have the same quality and low price, please pro contrast of size and weight!

2015 has a classic

Very beautiful. Long enough, enough weight oh!

Here, I do not too much to explain, sell our house whether it is genuine or fake version.

Our scarves, two shall be required to hand hanging scarf front and back. I believe, bought our house baby MM, must be very clear about our quality, too much bragging, then empty the obvious.

The following are comments from the buyer oh.

fabric composition: Acrylic (walk slowly Lake Placid Lattice Man Ome olfactory ) Polyester fiber (stripes Plaid paragraph)
product name: Scarf
size / Weight:

Check paragraph: 209cm * 68cm / 270g (± 5 including bags)

Slowly: 200cm * 65cm / 200g (± 5 including bags)

Lake Placid: 200cm * 60cm / 180g (± 5 including bags)

Plaid Man: 200cm * 60cm / 180g (± 5 including bags)

Striped paragraph: 225cm * 84cm / 270 Ke (± 5 including bags) Ome olfactory: 180cm * 70cm / 180 Ke (± 5 including bags)

Packing: Transparent pp bags
Colour: Multicolor into
Washing instructions: With a neutral or slightly acidic detergent (such as Silky detergent, shampoo, shower gel, etc.), water temperature below 30 degrees, not with alkaline detergent (such as washing powder, soap, etc.), do not bleach, non-exposure, hang dry in the shade, cold ironing.
Tips: Manual measurement, please consider 1-3 centimeters of error into account

The new out of the grid, buyers from Japan, brought back samples
Japan bought the original, suede long, easy to play ball
Let us get back to the factory version changed many times, this optimization problem,
You get the improved version of the hand, not easy pilling, soft
This is a foreign shopping mall in the price of 1000 yuan.
Antelope family, regardless of the price of money, with a very high price,
We give N much supply stores, stores in turn N times.
For example, this acrylic material, is slightly brands of women's clothing store,
Similar models every year, and we are from the same plant with the same production line process, above all rmb200 +
Slowly - light green

Slowly - plaid

Slowly - Camel

Slowly - red rubber

Lattice Man - Green

Lattice Man - Orange

Must have some weird ideas, regardless of age, have a limited life completed
So, what you love, you do not have to hide, just like me, I love plaid, they receive a lot every year

Lake Placid - orange

Quiet Lake - Black

Quiet Lake - Chinese Red

[Choice of fabrics: cashmere soft material]
A cashmere scarf material, soft and delicate to be seen in,
Especially moist texture, brings personal skin-friendly feel, wear comfortable warm light.
[Convenient and practical, suitable for various occasions]
Whether you're traveling for business or also in the long journey, or going to the mountain grasslands,
Carrying such a scarf, it can withstand all temperature changes, to accompany you warm all the way.
Can be done in the autumn and winter warm scarf, it belongs to the Four Seasons models, Variety practical.
Striped paragraph
[More warm autumn and winter, Four Seasons Variety paragraph]
Autumn and the winter, the day after the fear will gradually cools,
This dough also like warm, like living in harmony with the sunny, warm your entire fall and winter.
Striped paragraph - Rose

[Exquisite design, moderate thickness]
The thickness of the scarf, we have been demanding the control,
So warm and soft scarf achieve proper performance, without compromising with the effect of wear,
So that the thickness of the neck to reach appropriately,
Whether shawl scarf summer or winter, we have reached a better comfort.

Scarf specification is very large, with up full of personality
Fresh and slightly playful temperament, sense of national wind
The same material as the use of color, bold and willing
Pure bright color degrees, so that the color clash tension

Striped paragraph - turmeric

[Color choices are not gaudy bright, good vision]
Two scarves, whether or plaid stripes,
The colors are through dozens proofing, adjustment,
And strive to achieve striking visual effects, but not gaudy just efforts.
Widespread love and praise, it can also willing to give you love.
For some evaluation about color issues, antelope explain this unity:
Our photography and post-retouching, it must be possible Reducing physical color,
But the color of the screen display is always some difference with the naked eye visual effects,
That is something we take pictures or other photography must also be perceived in the usual phone.
Also please understand. If you mind, please carefully shot.

Lattice models -Orange

Scottish plaid everyday clothing decorations,
Scots who read grid
You can even determine his surname, family background, where you work
Lattice, but also on behalf of the British royal family
Unlike traditional neutral capable lattice, this lattice is more lively fashion
Lattice models - Blue Orange

Lattice models - dark blue

Intellectual and charming, this is my first impression of a scarf

Traditional plaid with soft orange with a very visual sense of surprise

The main color of the blue and red plaid scarf, full of literary elegance

Ome olfactory

wh606: Ome olfactory - light green

All right corner to find a cup of coffee and enjoy a stroll on the road dismount afternoon tea,

Respond on a cold day with a soft scarf, playful innocence and do not have to exercise restraint,

Warmth, style and comfort to bear.

Soft wool texture, light Ruanmian soft, fabric treatment closely and carefully,

Against the wind, to abandon the bloated attire.

Soft colors with,

Easily and closer to your sense of distance, it is close to the design,

In the winter it is to have such a temperament,

Let warm up a cold day, the transient characteristics, not only in the sense of touch, but also visually -

180cm * 70cm specifications, it is exactly the width of the long,

Can be a proper accumulation of warmth, nor the formation of the neck can not move bloated,

You'll like it.

wh606: Ome olfactory - light green

wh606: Ome olfactory - Rose

wh606: Ome olfactory - Blue