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Genuine 6-inch fire alarm | 220V fire alarm bell | Fire bells | bell | bell

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  • Brand: Taiwan Pradesh
  • Model: 6 inch Fire

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Genuine 6 inch 220V fire alarm fire alarm bell fire alarm bells ringing DC24-6

The fire bells, suitable for hotel, office, factory and other enterprises. Vibrato vocal form, with intermittent resistance to work long hours, no electromagnetic interference. Electric long life, based on customer requirements, customized different voltage products.

Press lamp switch wiring methods and principles, not break glass fire button, can be reused, the next move is up press has been ringing, do not press the up move is to put your hands up, also stopped ringing, ringing which has been moved up case want to call it to stop to use a small plastic inside to pull the reset, a small plastic plug into the hole in the front office

First, the scope
This product is no spark bells, suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, organizations, schools and public places equipment supporting AC 50HZ, voltage to 220V following circuit, the signal for the call or notification, while also suitable for families as the doorbell, alarm and other uses.

Second, the normal working conditions:
1. not more than 2000 meters above sea level
2. The ambient medium humidity no higher than +40 degrees and no less than --25 degrees air relative humidity less than 90% (when the temperature is + 25 degrees)

3. No ambient air flammable and corrosive gas or conductive dust and no significant shake and shock vibration environments.
4. able to work properly when the rated voltage ± 10%, no more than 10 minutes continuously.
5. Pollution levels for 2, installation category II class