Underwater camera phone waterproof bag hot spring swimming phone generic iphone6plus touch screen package 6s diving sets

Underwater camera phone waterproof bag hot spring swimming phone generic iphone6plus touch screen package 6s diving sets

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color classification: 2016 Lynx new large green 2016 Lynx new large pink 2016 Lynx new large orange 2016 Lynx new large blue plus paragraph White with lanyard + arm band with green paragraph with lanyard + Belt armor with black paragraph with lanyard + arm band to increase paragraph through yellow with lanyard + arm band to increase camouflage powder with lanyard + arm band to increase camouflage blue with lanyard + arm band with blue Rope + Armband Medium White Lanyard + Arm Belt Medium Pink with Lanyard + Armband Plus Tulip Powder with Lanyard + Armband Medium Mild Yellow with Lanyard + Arm Belt Medium Green with Lanyard Arm With medium blue with lanyard + arm with medium camouflage blue with lanyard + arm with increased paragraph camouflage orange with lanyard + arm with medium black with lanyard + arm band
  • Brand: FKK
  • Item: BK-55C
  • made in China
  • Applicable sex: Male and female general
  • Price tag: 60
  • Sports outdoor projects: upstream rafting tourism
  • Time to market: 2014 winter

Official authentic, with lanyard arm band
Most areas 包邮 (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan not 包邮), and now do not buy, such as the summer when prices will be!
Medium-size waterproof bag to support 5-inch screen mobile phone general
Such as: Samsung millet Huawei Apple 4 / 4S 5 / 5S / 5C / iPhone6 ​​OPPO Meizu
Increase the section of waterproof bags to support the following 6-inch screen-inch mobile phone GM
Such as: Apple 6plus Samsung note2, note3, Note 4 Red rice NOTE Millet3
Please note that Apple 6plus please choose to increase paragraph Oh!

If you can not accurately determine the size of the phone you can look at the parameters of Baidu phone to do the right judgments Wwwbaiducom .Choose a more suitable waterproof cover Production of mobile phone waterproof cover, high-grade practical and reliable quality products with compass utility, is a good outdoor equipment. You deserve the phone waterproof baby.

Scope of application:
Drift swimming diving hot springs Beach Water Park, usually waterproof, rainproof moisture dust, sweat, mountain climbing, outdoor sports, field work can use it!

Patented products, imitation will study
Recommended reason:
At present, many people not only like to climb mountains and wading, in order to allow more people to share their joy in the play, cell phone camera has become an indispensable way, therefore, the emergence of mobile phone cover will be a lot of photography hobby And travel enthusiasts.
product advantages:
1, for swimming, rafting and diving and other outdoor activities, within 20 meters deep waterproof, diving can answer the phone or take pictures, can be used for diving enthusiasts, field workers and drifting enthusiasts!
2, the screen and the basic film without any difference in the bag, completely sealed. Because completely sealed, so moisture, dust, mud, sand, snow, oil, can not hurt the phone in the protective cover can be directly operated. To prevent mobile phones in the beach and the sea when playing water, into the sand problem.Let you want to shoot, play.
3, waterproof and dustproof seal design, stable and reliable, from environmental protection PVC cold material production, regardless of the South, the North, the desert, mountains and streams, swimming pool, can provide reliable protection for your digital camera, digital cameras from wind, Frost, rain, snow, dust, spray, hot and humid water vapor, perspiration and other hazards, you do not have to worry about the splashing of the water splashing, Hainan typhoon rainstorm, Lushan misty wind around the Shanghai wet rain, rafting , Bathing hot springs swimming pool people's slapstick play, the desert wonders of the environment and the sand and so on a lot of travel and donkey line of a good project may be harmful to the phone.
4, to the sauna, rafting, swimming, etc., do not have to worry about no cell phone in the side of the trouble. Do not worry about the phone will be wet and distressed rain. Put your phone into the bag inside, like you have a Protection of God, like, no scruples, no longer because the camera / phone water and feel bad, that a waste, and all the troubles are gone.
In order to make your use of this product more secure, we combine the user experience, the following will introduce you to use the need to pay attention to:
1, the receipt of the product, please confirm the appearance of non-destructive, not scratched or stabbed, etc. can be used;
2, taking into account the quality of transport and other links may occur, so the first time before the water do not put electronic items, first with paper towels or items to be able to absorb water into its locked seal, and dive into the phase Corresponding depth, do not worry, this is to make you more skilled operation!
3, put the items do not top to the seal, otherwise the seal is not tight!
4, we have to do a good job in the factory before the security check, please do not try to press the water when the pressure waterproof bag, so single-sided force, easy to be destroyed in the sea water pressure is 360 degrees uniform force.
5, sealing seal when the flat pocket to prevent folding to a gap, run out from the water out of the waterproof bag, waterproof bag sealing down to open, let the water flow down, remove the electronic items, to avoid residual moisture in the You open when the flow of bags, mistakenly thought it was a product problem.
6, if you are diving attention to exclude the air bag, if the bag has air, will produce too much pressure in the water difference, a small amount of air does not affect the use.
7, electronic items into the squeeze out of the air and then sealing is conducive to fixed items, because there is no space, items will not run around, such as electronic equipment on the lens, the lens can be successfully aligned lens window.
8, can not open the flash, will be reflective! Diving less than flash, visibility is super good.
9, in the use of the emptying bag of air (because diving and swimming without excluding the air there will be buoyancy, will become a life-saving ball), produce a reaction force, suitable for buckling, not too tight, not excessive exercise pull , Too easy to pull the bag and the bag body caused by damage to the strain, damage to the situation of man-made pull the company can not give after-sales.
10, cleaned with water after each use, let it dry naturally, dried bag after the installation of a piece of paper, do not put in the sun exposure!
Thank you for your support and cooperation, I wish you a pleasant journey!
The FKK waterproof products for special goods, for safety reasons, please use before easy to absorb water items (such as paper towels) into them and sneak into the corresponding depth, the appropriate use of time testing to ensure that no problems and then the Water use time should not exceed 5 hours, the marked depth of about test data, the use of the process due to different factors, such as weather changes, different temperatures, seawater or fresh water, or the use of water, Of the different buoyancy and so on the marked depth of the uncertainty of the data changes in the event of quality problems the company provides only return service purchased the product is deemed to have been viewed and accepted all of the Company-related content, including the Notices.