Banglishi outdoor TPU outdoor water water pressure tank bag with nozzle insulation set ride water bags

Banglishi outdoor TPU outdoor water water pressure tank bag with nozzle insulation set ride water bags

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Brand: BONL / State wrestlers
  • Color Classification: 1.5L plus a large mouth
  • Material: TPU
  • Capacity: 1.5L
  • Whether mounted boiling water: boiling water can not be installed
  • Straw length: 100cm
  • Style: camouflage / imitation military
  • Capacity: 100

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Hydration Specifications Capacity details:

Capacity / size: see table

Water inlet specifications: big mouth, small mouth optional

Color: Brown

Thickness: 0.4MM (single)

Accessories: faucets, thicker insulation sleeve

Note: (although did not say necessary, but still I have to say about)

1, in order to ensure the life of the liner bag, water bag liner can be installed water temperature is strictly controlled within the -20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius (domestic and foreign brands are the standard bag), the company has rigorous testing standard shipping, whenever there is peripheral openings, the vast majority of which is filled with water within this temperature range is exceeded, while the peripheral portion of the voltage produced disengaged, we shall not be responsible for such irreversible aftermarket repair or return. Hydration bladder does not heat, if drink hot water, then it is recommended to buy insulation pot!

2, the above test video violence were all beyond the bag liner manufacturers promised standard product nearly destructive testing, depending on the materials used to verify process with the general interior is different, but in order to ensure the life of the liner bag, Do not follow, please care of it, do not torn it! (opening car 80 yards, 240 yards may be open, but open 240 yards, due to the influence of various environmental factors, will lead to what kind of results will be on the car What are the potential damage there, are unpredictable, is the same reason)

3, usually back in the backpack water bag liner due to lower than the mouth portion can imagine all water bag liner in the backpack does not have enough other pinched, is not automatically pump water to your mouth the (Bijing bag liner inside did not give you what pumps installed argument).

There are very few customers first purchase of such outdoor products asked us: 'I bite mouth water, why not automatic bottled water into my mouth?'; The more water bag on the floor, then put on a water pipe mention bite without suction mouth in an attempt to 'something for nothing' Oh! let's really dumbfounding!

Duo Luosuo not, please read the above taken in kind: the details of the plan, violence test chart, PK map!

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