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BANGLIX outdoor TPU water bag pressure inner bladder outdoor water bag with a nozzle insulation sleeve ride water bag

BANGLIX outdoor TPU water bag pressure inner bladder outdoor water bag with a nozzle insulation sleeve ride water bag
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Brand: BONL / Banglishi
  • Color Classification: 1.5L wide mouth
  • Material: TPU
  • Capacity: 1.5L
  • Whether to install boiling water: can not install boiling water
  • Length of straw: 100cm
  • Style: camouflage / imitation military
  • Bearing capacity: 100

Video introduced in the popular section of the shop also has a point of sale to buy this:

Buy one get one to buy water pipes fixed folder

If you are still entangled in: buy a large brand of water bag liner that is not worth it; buy other water tank liner afraid of quality do not worry! When you see this water bag, will let you have ' Another village 'feeling!

Bought are sigh: 'It is with the international brand of more than 400 yuan of products no difference!'

What are you waiting for? Yes, to shoot this!

Water Bag Specifications Capacity Details:

Capacity / Size: See table above

Water inlet specification: big mouth, small mouth optional

Color: brown

Thickness: 0.4MM (single layer)

Accessories: Shuizui, thick insulation pipe sets

Note: (although not that necessary, but still have to say something)

1, in order to ensure the water bag liner life, water bag liner can be installed water temperature, please strictly controlled at -20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius (domestic and international brand water bag is the standard), the company has strict testing shipping standards, Whenever there is a peripheral opening, the vast majority of the water is out of the temperature range, and the surrounding part of the voltage off, I am not responsible for the irreversible repair of such irrevocable after-sales or return. Want to drink hot water, it is recommended to buy a thermal pot!

2, the above video violence test are beyond the water bag liner manufacturers commitment to the standards of the product near the destructive test to test its use of materials, technology with the general liner is different, but to ensure the water bag liner life, Do not follow, please take care of it, do not trample it! (Car can open 80 yards, but also open 240 yards, but 240 yards, due to various environmental factors, will lead to what kind of results, What are the potential damage, are unpredictable, is the same reason)

3, usually backpack in the water bag liner due to lower than the mouth of the mouth, one can imagine all the water bag liner in the backpack does not have enough other items squeeze, is not automatically pump water to your mouth Of the (water tank inside the tank did not complete the equipment to you to say about the pump).

There are very few first time to buy these outdoor products customers ask us: 'I bite the tap, why not automatically send water to my mouth?'; More to the water bag on the ground, and then put the water pipe to bite the water Mouth and not smoke, in order to 'get something for nothing', Oh! Really let us laugh or cry!

Not more than Roseau, please read the above kind of shooting: the details of the map, violence test chart, PK map!

Note: In order to give customers the most authentic shopping experience, the above product images are in-kind shooting, unofficial propaganda map. Without permission, no individuals, groups and companies, not steal pictures, otherwise there will be someone Responsible for the investigation, the relevant departments to Taobao complaints, please respect, thank you!