Three SD-JR02 meat grinder | household electric vegetable stuffing mix small electric mix stuffing meat grinder Mincer

Three SD-JR02 meat grinder | household electric vegetable stuffing mix small electric mix stuffing meat grinder Mincer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Three of SD-JR02
  • Brand: three
  • Model: SD-JR02
  • Suitable for: Home

59 yuan double knife mincer

Meat grinder shock Upgrade

Value price Surprise meat Experience

Baby selling:

4 + 4-dimensional bit thicker anti-hot glass large motor +

OUR Factory outlets Out of service

Factory-style service is to give you the best protection

① ② 2-year warranty Genius ③ 1-year to repair and updating

Low Juxian this month, Limited 1000!

Satisfaction Giveaway: Get more than one set of 304 stainless steel double head surface 4, A total of 2 sets of heads Convenient pro spare replacement (304 stainless steel high toughness and longevity, with more than one set of knives to prevent loss of such unexpected)

Pro 69 yuan special price! Get a more sets of bunk knife Head! Really affordable and value for money!

About Quality: Electric insist on only three high-grade quality products, the best all-copper motor, preferably 304 stainless steel blade, 2-year product warranty warranty, life high, the product 3C certification standards, real materials

The parents who have Apple green, mint blue and orange 3 colors available Remark Choose not Remarks default hair Orange

[Pro, very heavy motor]

[1] can upgrade Twisted 1 kg of meat, thick copper motor, even if 1 kg minced no problem 4 4-dimensional blade design, because there are no dead ends, so more uniform ground meat
[2] blades upgrade new deputy blade, single variable double, two twisted together more delicate vegetables

[3] can upgrade scalding glass bowl, will not break.

First, adhere to choose the best materials
1. See Configuration
: All-copper motor (99% copper concentrate), 304 stainless steel blade, silver edge plating switch, hidden safety micro switch, escort!

2. Look at the materials used : ABS head temperature shell , PP food grade Arbor, PC glass Wangai, 7mm thick glass.

3. Look gifts : Two original head (a bonus), anti-skid pads, cleaning blade

Second, the functional description

To play meat, fruits and vegetables, beans, baby food supplement

1.Do all kinds of meat (pork, chicken, beef) Best dumplings;

2.Do all kinds of soy sauce (hot pepper sauce, garlic sauce);

3.Do all kinds of porridge soup (minced meat, chopped vegetables);

4.You can also make baby food supplement (broken food, convenient baby food)

5.Jog switch operation, a key to get, easy to operate!

Operational recommendations to 30 seconds every 15 seconds, 15 seconds meat already very broken, that was not enough broken, it can operate for 30 seconds, this time the meat will be like, oh powder. After stirring each give me a break 10- 20 seconds Oh!

Why [2 knife head!]

Touch the tip often food and water, One day aging, dull, or wear out , This time to buy a single blade costs, plus shipping Have a minimum 20 yuan , therefore, we Sending a tip (a total of 2), so that users can be replaced, satisfaction assured!