Three | SD-JR02 meat grinder home electric mini-stuffing chopped vegetables chopped meat machine garlic garlic mixer

Three | SD-JR02 meat grinder home electric mini-stuffing chopped vegetables chopped meat machine garlic garlic mixer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Three of the SD-JR02
  • Brand: three of
  • Model: SD-JR02
  • Suitable for: home
  • Procurement: Mainland China
  • Color classification: orange gray

59 yuan double knife meat grinder

Meat grinder shock upgrade

Value for money surprise meat experience

Baby Selling Points:

4-dimensional 4-head + thicker motor + anti-scalding glass

We are Factory outlets After-sales service out of

Factory-style after-sales service is for everyone good protection

① UNPROFOR ② lifetime warranty ③ 3 years to replace repair

Juxian low this month, limited 1,000 units!

Satisfied gifts: send a set of 304 stainless steel double-sided 4-head, A total of 2 sets of head Easy pro replacement (304 stainless steel toughness and high life, with more than 1 set of tools to prevent the loss of such accidents)

Pro 69 yuan special price! More to send a set of double-layer knife Head! Really affordable and value!

About Quality: Three of the electrical adhere to only do high-quality products, super-thick copper motor, excellent 304 stainless steel blade, warranty 2 years warranty, the high life, 3C standard product certification, real wood is expected

Pro have this Apple green, mint blue and orange , 3 colors available Remarks Select, do not note the random hair color

'Pro, the motor is very heavy'

'Upgrade 1' can be twisted 1 kg of meat, thick copper motor, even if Ground meat 1 kg no problem 4-D 4-blade design, because there is no dead ends, so meat is more uniform
'Upgrade 2' blade added blade blade, single layer becomes double, 2 together twisted vegetables more delicate

'Upgrade 3' can be hot-washed glass bowl, will not rupture.

First, adhere to the selection of superior good material
1. Look at the configuration
: All copper core motor (99% refined copper), 304 steel blade, silver edge plating switch, hidden safety micro switch, escort!

2. See the use of materials : ABS high temperature head shell , PP food-grade Arbor, PC glass bowl, 7mm thick glass.

See gifts : 2 original blade (plus a), anti-skid pads, cleaning scraper

Second, functional introduction

Can play meat, fruits and vegetables, beans, baby food supplement

1.Do all kinds of meat (pork, chicken, beef) dumplings stuffing stuffing;

2.Do all kinds of soy sauce (chili sauce, garlic sauce);

3.Do all kinds of porridge soup material (meat, chopped vegetables);

4.Baby food can also be done (broken food to facilitate the baby to eat)

5.Jog switch operation, a button to get, simple and convenient operation!

Operating recommendations every 15 seconds to 30 seconds, 15 seconds the meat has been broken, and feel not broken enough, you can operate for 30 seconds, this time the meat will become like a powder, oh.Each stirring, let me take a break 10- 20 seconds Oh!

'Why do you have two heads?'

The head often touches the food and water, Will one day be aging, blunt, or wear , This time to buy a separate blade cost, plus freight At least 20 yuan , therefore, we Send a knife head (a total of 2), allowing users to replace, rest assured satisfaction!