Cotton Times | gauze straps | Pregnant abdomen with postpartum corset belt | waist gauze

Cotton Times | gauze straps | Pregnant abdomen with postpartum corset belt | waist gauze

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Purcotton / cotton era
  • Item No: 800-002752
  • EAN Code: 6952635036241
  • Color classification: gauze abdomen with
  • size: one size
  • Material: Cotton (95% and above)
  • Uses: thin
  • Thickness: General
  • Season: Four Seasons

  • Product specifications
  • Product Name: Cotton Age PurCotton gauze postpartum abdomen 1200x15cm, 1 roll / bag
  • Item No: 800-002752
  • Size: 1200x15cm
  • Weight: 290 ± 10g
  • Material: 100% combed cotton gauze
  • Packing: 1 roll / bag
  • product description
  • 100% cotton gauze high-quality fabrics, soft, skin-friendly and comfortable, with good moisture permeability, comfortable not stuffy cover, summer use, doubling sweat;
  • Segmented free bundle can be completely wrapped abdomen, suitable for people of different body;
  • Help tighten the abdomen, increase lumbar support efforts to prevent cold waist, to help you restore the charm stature.
  • Instructions
  • 1. lying supine, knees erect, feet flat, try thigh and abdomen at right angles, buttocks slightly raised;
  • 2. Place your hands on the lower abdomen, and the abdominal visceral fat push massage to the heart direction to help the sagging organs reply in situ;
  • 3. Pull out the gauze wound starting from the beginning of the upper part of the pelvis, the need to reverse oblique fold every perimeter once the upward spiral in order to tie tied tight;
  • 4. Raozhi after five laps, reduce bundle efforts to reduce superimposed layers, a difference of about 2 cm per lap, wound up at the diaphragm, and then fixed with safety pins.
  • Reminder time: Shun postpartum two days, 7-10 days after caesarean section.