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Marking strip DEK6 | Marking number | Applicable Weidmüller terminals SAK2.5EN | Blank

Marking strip DEK6 | Marking number | Applicable Weidmüller terminals SAK2.5EN | Blank
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: YL
  • Model: DEK5
  • Connection: card

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This product is suitable for SAK series terminals

This price is DEK6 blank marking a price, a version of 10, a 10-bit, 1 version from the sale!

The other can be customized to a variety of vertical and horizontal horizontal Chinese and English print, please contact customer service

Terminal Marker ModelTerminal type
DEK series

DEK 5SAKD 2.5WDU 2.5

Laser typing and traditional typing contrast, with the print speed, beautiful fonts, printable Chinese fonts, Variety of optional fonts, print

Characters can be more sophisticated, but also with wear and oxidation resistance, through one Series of material and chemical-related testing.