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Pia music Meizu MX4 glass film | MX4 steel foil | Meizu MX4 phone protective film HD film

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: PueriLe / Pia music
  • Model: Meizu MX4 steel foil film
  • Film features: HD mirror-fingerprint-proof
  • Foil type: Before the film
  • Color Classification: MX4 steel membrane - arc edge before an upgraded version of the film [film] MX4 steel - arc edge before film [Limited Edition] [arc side feels will feel and seamless surface of the phone] [straight edge will be jerky]
  • For brand: Meizu / Meizu

Evaluation occasional bubble, we also found no verification step by step from the step problem, puzzled, and finally the official Meizu forum to find the answer ---- interested friends can search MX4 uneven screen (that is, the minority Meizu MX4 phone screen is not flat).

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