If tease | Apple iphone5s phone shell 5se metal frame phone shell cover new five men 5s outer sleeve

If tease | Apple iphone5s phone shell 5se metal frame phone shell cover new five men 5s outer sleeve

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Protective sleeve texture: Metal
  • Style: cover type
  • Color: monochrome frame cover version -> (shipping nationwide Get all the colors of steel this film do not shoot) monochrome version of Deep Space gray monochrome version of the lovely pink color version Tyrant gold color version Rose Rose monochrome version gold (SE rose gold with the same color) fashion silver color monochrome version of the color version of Tiffany border cover -> (shipping nationwide Get all color film + steel cable this do not beat) Tyrant gold Phnom Penh stylish silver rose gold rim (SE rose gold with the same color) Tiffany Phnom Penh rose cute pink gray Phnom Penh deep space deep space in gray rose Diamond black gold edge Shang Yinmei red edge edge edge Tyrant gold rose
  • Style: South Korea
  • Applicable phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone5s
  • Brand: fruit funny
  • Model: Apple 5iphone5s frame-cover

Color Qi, good quality! High cost, rave reviews, selling broken 100000pen . Normal delivery, photographed can be arranged.

Order value Zaijia Song 108Yuan value spree, do not need to run around, one stop away, give you a new sense of convenient experience.

5 supports Apple / Apple 5s /SE version and the new version of Apple

A day before the next one 300Name, gift Apple data line ,stand by ISO9.3version.

solemn commitment We are not selling a single frame we sell the full range of metal frame + acrylic cover.

Installation dynamic map

Monochrome version without honor or Rose Phnom Penh side. Soft feel calm.

Hyun-color version to contain Rose Phnom Penh and high-end side, the process is more complex, more noble and generous, feel more energetic experience.

5s 5s phone shell iphone5s phone shell border, Metal frame 360 ​​5S mobile phone cover with all-round protection to cover protection, stylish atmosphere and generous. Apple 5s phone shell Men no drop scratch.