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Phones lazy bedside table universal bracket durable portable, flexible double clips reflect off live to see films artifact bracket

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: ASZUNE / Yi Suen
  • Applicable scene: Bedside
  • Color Category: White 1.1 m blue double folder [Extended Edition] white metal double metal clip [Version] black metal [version] folder double double yellow plastic folder [version] Magnetic car phone holder bun] [color random phone lazy bracket / tripod [black] phones lazy bracket / tripod [blue] lazy phone holder / tripod [green] phones lazy bracket / tripod [orange] [red plastic version] folder double double white plastic clip [version] pink plastic double folder [version]
  • Item: lazy bracket feather light version

[Fully upgraded] arbitrary multi-angle adjustable, multi-purpose multi-use scenario, under-compatible 6.3-inch smartphone, lazy necessary artifact!

Event Goods only STO, STO Do not shoot!

Product Knowledge FAQ:

1. some parents have reported that stent universal pipe a little hard? Hard on the right! This product is the real thing, without the participation of other low-grade material, hard enough, you can hold up one day!

2. Some pro reflect the clip is too tight? Tight on the right! Clip to hold the powerful stable reliable clamping supports, because it will not lead to the process of using the clip bracket loose and cause loss!

3. some parents reflect tube long enough? Pro, we do not cut corners, but that the product has been mechanics, design and support hundreds of millions of tests, developed for the practical length, if the tube is too long (1 m? 2 m? ) will only lead to results that support instability, shaky situation appeared Oh!