PISEN OTG data cable Samsung millet Meizu millet phone box U disk otg line conversion line OTG cable

PISEN OTG data cable Samsung millet Meizu millet phone box U disk otg line conversion line OTG cable

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Pisen / product wins
  • Data cable Scope: Mobile
  • Length: Other
  • Color Classification: otg cable (40 cm) [send] lamp usb otg cable (15 cm) [send] otg usb lamp adapter (adapter) to send usb lamp []


  1. Only phone interface micro usb (Andrews intelligent machines now on the market normal Common Interface) and supports otg enabled mobile phone can use, do not support the Apple phone otg function
  2. Three sizes OTG products, there is no distinction on the use, the adapter socket and usb with a length of about 3.6 cm, if inserted U disk plus the length of the connector under normal circumstances, more than 10 cm, easy to use phone interface to breaking bad! If you use a 15 cm or 40 cm, better flexibility, convenience and security from the point of view of the proposed purchase 15cm or 40cm long otg cable

  3. We take 'Samsung 9500' For example, open Baidu (baidu.com) search for 'Samsung 9500 supports otg it?', If you are not sure or does not query you can contact customer service inquiries!

  4. Support otg enabled mobile phone support U disk, mobile hard disk theoretically support, because the mobile hard work requires a large supply current to power higher, and tablet / phone's USB interface due to the output current is small, so the case of normal use exist.

OTG can not properly use the common reasons:
1. Make sure your phone supports OTG function
2.OTG functions do not support NTFS file system only supports FAT32 file system, the U disk after the backup files formatted as FAT32.
3. If you can not identify or U disk did not respond, please restart the phone, or brush the latest firmware or the USB debugging mode on / off test
4. Some USB device output current is high, such as eating electricity reader, removable hard disk, you need to add an external power supply;
5. touches U disk or OTG cable occasionally loses connection, please change the u disk test, some no-name u disk and card reader interface is relatively large and loose will cause poor contact, it is recommended for the brand u disk test

6. When the memory error or phone prompts you to format the mobile phone memory card or U disk formatted fat32 format!