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Meizu MX3 mobile phone shell protective shell | MX3 battery cover | MX3 phone shell | protective cover

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Product parameters:

  • Protective cover texture: plastic
  • Style: back cover
  • (3D relief) Dark Spider-Man (3D relief) Big Totoro (3D relief) handsome (3D relief) Happy Road fly (3D relief) Black Spider-Man (3D relief) 3D Relief) 3D Plane (3D Relief) Barely (3D Relief) Barely (3D Relief) Barefoot (3D Relief) Barefoot (3D Relief) (3D relief) the British flag (3D relief) white umbrella girl predicted eye (3D relief) to buy a gift to send a set of eight, plus two plus a steel film plus a headset!
  • Style: Europe and the United States
  • Applicable mobile phone models: MX4I
  • Model: MX4I
  • Brand: This is the first
  • Model: MX4II


This section Meizu MX3 painted mobile phone back cover need to remove the phone cover