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Notebook sleeve | computer bag | cute protective cover 14 15.6 13.3 13 12-inch computer sets of women

Notebook sleeve | computer bag | cute protective cover 14 15.6 13.3 13 12-inch computer sets of women
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Product parameters:

  • Color Classification: Rouge powder ink blue classic black pure black
  • Style: Notebook sleeve
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Size: 10 inch 11 inch 12 inch 13 inch 14 inch 15 inch
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • Brand: SHENG BEI ER

Because the daily volume is very large, liner bag factory was less than drying directly shipped

Customers will receive the taste, out to dry or washed about just fine

This sleeve is suitable for most brands. Note: 15-inch 15.6-inch is also suitable for 15.3-inch 15.4-inch notebook. 13-inch 13.3-inch Oh ~ 12.5-inch, it is recommended to buy 13-inch.

Pure manual measurement may be some 1-2cm difference please forgive me!

Earthquake waterproof, value computer liner package! Recommended number of inches of computer to buy how many inches sleeve!

(Notebook thicker proposal to shoot big one inch)

'Treasurer shouting'

Dispensers and laptops face to face every day time of not less than 12 hours

In addition to eating, sleep

Most of the rest of the time almost all against him

It is said that some people will have a 'fetish' plot

Probably means that the object will have a feeling around

Dispensers a little admire this kind of person 'sentimental'

'Fetish' Daoshi Buzhi Yu

But at least to take good care of it, care about it '

Today, the front passenger Taobao recommended baby is the new Lycra liner package

Like a diving suit, like the tightly wrapped inside the notebook

Not only nice, but also shock, scratch, to prevent the books wear

More effective extension of the life of the notebook

On the back of the notebook carrying people everywhere is particularly important

Love your books

From the shock, anti-wear start

Do not buy first collection, to prevent the next time you want to compare can not find

Cover up the hat on the line

Notebook into the liner bag

Unique zipper-free pocket design to facilitate access to the notebook while effectively avoiding the metal zipper bag for our beloved books Scratches on the surface.

Based on the delicate fabric can be used as a mouse pad to use it after you do not have to worry about forgetting the mouse pad

Outside the black inside the red lazy people preferred the outer layer of dirty in no hurry we in turn continue to use

Put liner bag and then put it in the bag, not a little more space but to better protect our books, effectively prevent the books on the surface of the scratches and books of vibration.


● tailor-made for the laptop, can be done within the package, can also be carried separately
● Flexibility High density sponge, feel comfortable, double protection fuselage, effectively prevent collision
● Dust, anti-static, anti-skid marks, waterproof breathable, long-term use is not deformed
● The appearance of simple and elegant, pure and bright colors, your fashion choice

The use of liner package:

1. can be used for short distance travel alone carrying a notebook to prevent the notebook on the table wear (not carrying the mouse and power supply, etc.)

2. Can be used to strengthen the protection of the notebook, into the liner package into the outsourcing.