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New into the more 120 inch 16: 9 portable | simple | curtain | home projection cloth 2.65 * 1.49 meters

New into the more 120 inch 16: 9 portable | simple | curtain | home projection cloth 2.65 * 1.49 meters
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Product parameters:

  • Curtain Brand: Cheng Yue
  • Model: 120 inch 16: 9
  • Size: 101 inches (inclusive) -150 inches (inclusive)

Purchase Notes:

The so-called simple screen is the product onlyA piece of cloth , No reel and no support fittings.

The size of the 120-inch 16: 9: 2650 * 1490mm


1) with double-sided adhesive or white latex attached to the formation of the wall or glass (Note: Do not often win, easy to cause the curtain is not smooth, with white latex paste is generally not fixed after the take down) Most of these because they are affordable and not afraid of the guests can also scrub the next scrub is also the best choice for projection DIY enthusiasts most of the wall around a little sticker or metal frame to decorate that there are questions with the treasurer Thank you

First look at the baby Introduction:

In front of the white back is black Oh, do not have the effect of light

The most is that the KTV is the largest market with a little paste around to decorate Oh beautiful and affordable

You can also choose to play four metal rings around the wall directly on the nail This is also a good way to do the need to punch the buyer remember to contact the treasurer Oh

Need to add the black side of the comrades can contact with the treasurer, but it takes time to need to have the time to prepare the pro

Here are some of our test results: may be due to the different projector will be a little difference:

Teach you how to choose curtain?

  1. Step 1. Select the form of screen: electric screen, wall hanging screen, bracket screen, pneumatic pull to the curtain, seat screen, desktop screen, aluminum frame screen, perspective screen.
  2. Step 2. Select the format of the screen: The screen has a variety of screen formats, such as 1: 1,4: 3,16: 9, etc. You can choose according to the use of the need to use, special specifications can be developed according to customer requirements.
  3. Step 3. Determine the size of the screen. Determine the ideal screen of the three elements:

A: The ideal viewing distance should be equal to the diagonal screen. B: The screen width can be calculated according to the diagonal screen: 4: 3W = diagonal * .80, 16: 9W = diagonal Line * 0.872.

2. Determine the height of the screen. 4: 3 Format: Height = Width / 4 * 3. 16: 9 Format: Height = Width / 16 * 9.

3. Space left margin in the installation of the screen around the space left margin, the bottom edge of the screen 0.7-1.25M better between the ground.

4. Step 4. Selection of curtain material: Choose the desired screen material based on the screen material data, combined with the brightness of the projector and the installation environment.

Note: Due to different buyer regions, different modes of transport, so freight is also different, buyers in consultation with the treasurer before buying!

White plastic screen features:

Diffuse reflective surface, the effective scattering angle is greater than 160 degrees, the brightness coefficient greater than 0.92, with color reduction is good, the angle of view, soft light, long time to see fatigue, long service life advantages.Advanced processing technology, curtain surface The physical parameters of stable attenuation of small, green screen material without any smell, the screen flatness good.

About Black Borders:

Our simple screen black side by default black border, customers have special requirements, please contact us.

About punching:

Please contact the treasurer

About Shipping:

Generally do not add the black side of the day can be shipped to the black side of the comrades need to have time to prepare

Because for us the black side of the well, and so on

On the receipt

We must ensure that the screen when the shipment is in good condition, the screen will be packed. Receipt, be sure to check the packaging is damaged, such as packaging is damaged, please check the screen is intact, if damaged, please refuse Signed.