Maple outdoor fire | multifunction genuine SEAROCK American professional compass | K4580 compass | compass

Maple outdoor fire | multifunction genuine SEAROCK American professional compass | K4580 compass | compass

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Genuine K4580 Multifunction American military means ...
  • Brand: Searock / Haiyan
  • Product Number: HHF-ZNZ09
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 78
  • Time to market: Spring 2013
  • Carrying options: Handheld
  • Display: Analog

Picture is shot, the color camouflage and bronze, please note, generally random delivery

Baby Name: genuine K4580 Multifunction American military compass - bronze

Baby Color: Figure (bronze)

(Bronze, camouflage random)

Baby Material: zinc alloy

Closed size: 7 * 7 * 3CM Expand Size: 17 * 7 * 3CM

Dial diameter: 60MM Net weight: 200 g

Full set of configuration: American military K-4580 guide (north) needle, a portable canvas pockets, military green strap, instructions in English.

Features: damping oil pan design, the greater stability of the product; the product is fully sealed design, waterproof; with a spirit level, improve accuracy, greatly reducing the errors!

(A) determination of position:

1. Determination of current to the direction of the truck
(1) Open the compass so that the orientation index '△' aligned '0'!;
(2) Turn the compass until the needle refers to the alignment of the northern end of '0', the direction of this case is referred to the north, on the glass can be directly read orientation appears to the east, south, west and north.

2, the calibration diagram ten thousand
Calibration map orientation is to use the compass on the map so that the orientation and position now where consistent.
(1) Turn on the instrument, the adjustment of the base plate, so that the orientation index '△' aligned '0';
(2) mapping scale and true meridian tangent on the map;
(3) Turn the map so that the needle points to the north end of the magnetic declination value of this area, the position and current position on a map where exactly.

3, measured magnetic azimuth
A, measured magnetic azimuth targets map
(1) with a precise compass calibration map, the map does not move and maintain;
(2) the connection mapping scale and location and destination points of tangency, seat adjustment dial to make the indicators '△' aligned '0' scribe line;
(3) After the needle is stationary, meaning its northernmost base dial scale is the point where the value of the magnetic azimuth to the target point.
B, now measured magnetic azimuth to the target
(1) Turn on the instrument, so that the orientation index '△' aligned '0', and the mirror and dial the seat slightly into the 45 °;
(2) thumb penetration bails, flat holding instrument, aimed to test the sight by sight to the target;
(3) looking at the northern tip of the needle from the mirror in the sub-base of the dial plan is aligned, is now to target magnetic azimuth values.

(B) measuring the distance

1, with mapping and calculating ruler directly from the map

2, with the mileage distance measurement in image
(1> first red pointer return '0';
(2) equal-instrument, the odometer measuring wheel light on the starting point, scroll to the end of the amount taken forward along the route;
(3) According to the pointer on the scale within the meaning of engraved lines, can be read directly from the corresponding field in example 1: 50000 map by a point A to B the amount of points on the instrument dial l; 50000 scale refers to the 14. a score line, the distance between the points a and B on the ground for seven kilometers by the l:. on the amount of 100,000 map was engraved lines 14, the distance between two points a and B is 14 km in addition, there is a corresponding proportion (eg. 1: 25,000) or double ratio (eg 1: 20,000 and l:500000) map can be read by the conversion of the amount.
(C) the march of time and speed calculation
Schedule with the speed on the instrument, the amount of mileage at the same time, the measurement time can be required to march within the specified time or the speed of the march, the method is as follows:
l march time calculation: Open the instrument and make odometer pointer to zero (red line on the dial) obtained in the destination city, while the speed of the timetable will be in accordance with the l:. 100000 scale mileage, noted by 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25 km / h (the outside tables, reading clockwise) and 10, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 30 km / h (in the sorrowful table, reading counterclockwise) the speed of each march need time, if it is on the scale of the map l:50000 get mileage amount, the measuring wheel with a finger tap, make mileage by half, indicated by the pointer speed and time is ask, for example: 1: 50000 scale maps the amount was a distance of 40 kilometers, if the speed of the whole journey by v20, the time required to first seek pointer dial to 1: 50000 scale of 20 kilometers, in v20 circle pointer is ask if specified rate of speed does not appear on the list, find out the relationship between the ratio of the speed ratio is obtained by multiplying the speed of the march of time, such as five kilometers per hour, an amount too mileage of 30 km, seek time, you can read:. v10 is 3 hours, 2 times v5 is due v10 imminent thanks to a dial-by-2 or measuring wheel so that the pointer indicates 60 km read v10 was 6 hours, another example, when v6, read v18, thanks to a number by 3 or the measuring wheel to dial pointer 90 km v18 was read at 5 hours, more than analogy.

2. march speed calculations, determined to reach the destination city at the same time, according to the time required to reach, the speed can be calculated according to the time table to select the appropriate speed within a specified time limit, as the speed of the march.
(Iv) measured slope is
Turn on the instrument, the mirror base and a little dial at 45 degrees, hold the instrument side, sighting along the Huai star beveled edge to the target, and the line of sight parallel with the slope, let goniometer swing freely gaze from the mirror goniometer engraved central line indicating scale pitch angle of the table on the partition, the pitch angle is requested.
(E) measuring the height of the target schematic
Known horizontal distance between the target and the point where the first determination of the target pitch angle, and then check the altimeter, you can know the height of the target, which is as follows:
1. Qu map from the assessment is determined by the point where the horizontal distance to be measured or target;
2. The measuring instrument holders, along sight, front sight to aim the target to the top, so that the goniometer to swing freely to stop, see the pitch angle goniometer engraved lines indicated value;
3. Check the altimeter or mils can be calculated that height.
Example: Known to the measuring point was measured horizontal distance of 100 meters, instruments measured the pitch angle of 30 °, then check altimeter, 100 meters lined aligned 30 ° vertical grid, Richard analyte height 57.74 m.