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Outdoor | genuine SEAROCK multi-functional professional American compass | K4580 compass | compass

Outdoor | genuine SEAROCK multi-functional professional American compass | K4580 compass | compass
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Genuine K4580 multi-functional US military means ...
  • Brand: Searock / Sea Rock
  • Item: HHF-ZNZ09
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 78
  • Time to market: Spring 2013
  • Purpose: Point to navigation
  • Portable: handheld
  • Display: pointer type

Picture real shot, color camouflage and bronze, please note that the general random delivery

Baby Name: Genuine K4580 multifunctional American compass - bronze

Baby color: Figure (bronze)

(Bronze, camouflage random)

Baby material: zinc alloy

Close the size: 7 * 7 * 3CM Expand the size: 17 * 7 * 3CM

Dial diameter: 60MM Net weight: 200 grams

Full set of configuration: American ** K-4580 Guide (North) needle, portable canvas pockets, military green strap, English manual.

Features: The use of damping oil plate design, the stability of the product stronger; The product is fully sealed design, waterproof; with a level instrument to improve accuracy, greatly reducing the error!

(A) Determination of orientation:

1. Determination of the current direction of southeast northwest
(1) Turn on the compass instrument so that the azimuth index '△' is aligned with '0';
(2) turn the compass, to be pointed at the north end of the magnetic needle '0', then refers to the direction of the north, in the orientation of the glass can be read directly to the east, south, west and north.

2, the calibration figure million
Calibration map orientation is the use of compass to map the location and location of the same position.
(1) open the instrument, adjust the dial seat, so that the azimuth index '△' at '0';
(2) to map the ruler and the map of the real meridian tangent;
(3) Rotate the map so that the northern end of the magnetic needle point to the magnetic declination of the value of the region, the map on the location and location are exactly the same.

3, the determination of magnetic azimuth
A. Measure the magnetic azimuth of the target on the graph
(1) accurate calibration map with the compass, and keep the map does not move;
(2) the mapping ruler and the point where the tangent and the target point, adjust the dial seat, so that the target '△' at the '0' scribe line;
(3) to be stationary after the needle, the north end of the dial holder on the scale is the point to the target point of the magnetic azimuth value.
B. Measure the magnetic azimuth of the target
(1) Turn on the instrument so that the azimuth index '△' is aligned with '0', and make the reflector slightly 45 ° to the dial holder;
(2) with the thumb through the lifting ring, holding the instrument, by collimating the sight to target to be measured;
(3) from the mirror in the magnetic needle on the north end of the alignment disk on the division, is the target of the magnetic azimuth value.

(B) measuring distance

1, with the mapping ruler on the map directly on the distance

2, with distance measurement distance map
(1> first red pointer to '0';
(2) hold the instrument, the mileage measurement wheel light on the starting point, along the measured line to scroll forward to the end;
(3) According to the pointer in the scale of the groove, you can directly read the corresponding field distance.For example, in the 1: 50000 map from a point to point B, instrument dial l; 50000 scale refers to the 14 The distance between the two points is 14 km.In addition, with the corresponding proportion of (such as the distance between the two points in the B, 1: 25000) or multiple maps (such as 1: 20000 and l: 500000) can also be converted to read the map.
(C) march time and speed calculation
With the speed schedule on the instrument, you can measure the time required for marching or marching speed within a specified time while measuring mileage. The method is as follows:
L. March time calculation: open the instrument, the odometer pointer to zero (dial red line.) In reaching the destination mileage, while the speed schedule in accordance with l: 100000 scale scale, that by 13,15,17, 19, 21, 23, 25 km / h (clockwise readings on the outside table) and 10, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 30 km / h (inside table, counterclockwise readings) If the mileage is measured on a 1: 50000 scale map, tap the wheel with your finger to halve the speed and time indicated by the pointer. For example, in the 1: 50000 scale map On the volume of a distance of 40 km, if the v20 speed of the whole process, the time required. First of all, the pointer allocated to 1: 50000 scale 20 km, v20 circle pointer is the request. Speed ​​is not displayed on the table speed, then find the relationship between the speed of the rate multiplied by the rate of time to obtain such as march speed of 5 km per hour, measured mileage of 30 km, time can be read: v10 3 hours, because v10 is v5 2 times the number to be multiplied by 2 or dial the pointer to indicate 60 km read v10 was 6 hours, and then v6, read v18, will be multiplied by 3 or dial measuring wheel Pointer to read v18 at 90 km at 5 hours, more than analogy.

2. The marching speed is calculated by calculating the appropriate speed within the specified time limit as the marching speed according to the time-of-arrival required by the time-of-flight calculation table while obtaining the distance to the destination.
(D) to determine the gradient slope
Open the instrument, so that the mirror and the dial seat slightly into a 45-degree side of the instrument, along the collimator, and Huaxing syncope edge aiming, and the line of sight parallel to the slope, so that the goniometer free swing, watching from the mirror The angular division of the pitch angle table indicated by the center line of the goniometer is the desired pitch angle.
(5) measurement of the target height
Know the horizontal distance between the target and the point, first determine the target pitch angle, then check the altimeter, you can know the height of the target, the method is as follows:
1. on the map or distance with the distance estimator to find the point where the target with the horizontal distance;
2. Measure and hold the instrument, aim at the top of the sight and sight, and let the goniometer swing freely to stop and see the pitch angle indicated by the goniometer.
3. View the altimeter or use the density formula to calculate the height.
Example: the known measuring point to the measured object horizontal distance of 100 meters, measured with the instrument pitch angle of 30 °, and then check the altimeter, in the 100-meter grid aligned 30 ° vertical grid, check the measured height of 57. 74 meters.