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Buy 4 get 1 | large size women's underwear plus fat plus large middle-aged lace side bamboo charcoal fiber underwear shorts

Buy 4 get 1 | large size women's underwear plus fat plus large middle-aged lace side bamboo charcoal fiber underwear shorts
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: spring and summer 2014
  • Body material: bamboo fiber (bamboo fiber) 95% Polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 5%
  • Number of articles: 1
  • Crotch Material composition: bamboo fiber (bamboo fiber) 95% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 5%
  • Applicable to: middle age
  • Sales channel type: pure electricity business (only online sales)
  • Section number: large underwear
  • Applicable gender: Female
  • Color classification: small dots pink dots small dots small dots black dots roses small dots roses small dots red dots small dots melon red dots small red dots purple lace bianxiang taro lace fruit green Lace edge blue lace edge red lace edge black lace skin color lace edge apricot lace edge purple lace pink lace edge pink lace edge west red lace edge rose red lace melon red lace edge deep ocean
  • Style: briefs
  • Waist type: waist
  • Material: bamboo charcoal fiber
  • Fabric commonly known as: bamboo charcoal fabric
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: lace edge
  • Function: pants
  • Size: 3XL
  • Brand: Dan Ya Rong
  • Style: simple
  • Fabric: Bamboo fiber fabric

Large version of the type
Written in front
Buy 4 get 1
(Shoot 4 delivery staff will be directly arranged 5 delivery, do not need more than shoot)
Smart buyers will buy a few spare Oh!
Suitable for 2 feet 5 to 3 feet 3 wear

bamboo fiber Material Lace edgeSmall dots Embellish the atmosphere is not expensive Oh ~
Multi-color optional, pro do not miss Kazakhstan ~
Fabric: 95% Bamboo Fiber + 5% Spandex
Tiling Waist: 33cm * 2 Stretch Waist 55cm * 2
Tile Hip: 37cm * 2 Stretch Hips 60cm * 2
Crotch depth: 30 cm
Waist circumference 3 feet 3 Can wear oh ~

Pro praise
Lace Side Watermelon Red
Lace beige
Lace edge pink
Lace skin color
Lace edge rose red
Lace edge green fruit
Lace edge lake blue
Lace whisper
Lace edge red
Lace edge pink
Lace edge purple
Small dotted watermelon red
Small dot color
Small dot pink
Small dots
Small dot red
Small dot pink
Small dot black
Small dot pink
Small dot purple
Underwear back
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Wide waist design, flexibility, will not have the feeling of tight, wear more comfortable, healthy
Fresh and delicate pants side, simple line, meticulous workmanship, delicate pins, beautiful and not tight Le.
Crotch bottom with double breathable bamboo fiber fabric. Skin care, comfort, good ventilation, so that your private parts at any time to keep the air circulation, healthy.
Bamboo fiber has good air permeability, water absorption and good wearing experience.