0-3-year-old black and white newborn baby visual excitation card | infant educational early childhood cognitive enlightenment card picture

0-3-year-old black and white newborn baby visual excitation card | infant educational early childhood cognitive enlightenment card picture

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Price: 31-50
  • Brand: Hairun Sunshine
  • Type: Flash Card
  • Color Classification: Full upgraded version 2 boxes 4 boxes 2 boxes of black and white color card card card 1 box 1 box of black and white color card (random hair) infant visual excitation (Full 120) Child cognitive Wikipedia card (full 160) Child Care few points card (full 108)
  • Flash card types: early Enlightenment training
  • Is there a shopping guide video: Yes
  • Item: color card tear is not bad
  • Age: newborn 6 months 12 months 18 months 2 years 3 years

Suitable crowd read: 0-3 years

"The baby visual excitation (Full Set 4Box) "This card is mainly divided into two kinds of black and white cards and color cards card. This set of cards in strict accordance with the law of development of visual baby, baby be progressive visual training, divided into black and white card 1, Black and white card 2Color card 1Color card 2A total of four cards.
Newborn baby vision when not fully developed, see only the black and white world, we set the black and white, contrast, clean-cut black and white card 1And black and white cards 2And follow the scientific basis for combination to facilitate the parents of the baby preliminary sensory training.
against 4~ 6Preliminary months baby development vision, and can distinguish between red, yellow, blue, green four-color features. We have prepared bright colors and strong contrast color picture cards for baby 1And colored cards 2Meanwhile, black items profile depicted in vivid colors describe the details to further improve the ability to distinguish details of the baby, the baby promote visual development.
In addition, in binding form, according to the law of physical and mental development of infants and young children, and characteristics of children ages need, we have to use large format to show the form of a card. Card is environmentally friendly ink printing, intimate rounded design, easy for baby read from the health and safety!

According to the law of the development of the baby visual ability, "baby visual excitation (Full Set 4Box) "scientifically settings for monochrome card 1, Black and white card 2Color card 1And color card 2Among black and white card for 0~6Months baby, color card 1Suitable for 0~12Months baby, color card 2Suitable for 0~3Year-old baby to use.
Multi-card patterns common living items, animals, plants, people, etc. Furthermore card contrasting colors, clean-cut, vivid detail portrayed by parental guidance of visual training, help to stimulate and improve the baby's visual development to stimulate the baby to explore, to observe the world around curiosity!

[Specification] set consists of 4 boxes, two boxes of each color black and white, Pack of 20 cards Sheet, a full set of 80, there are positive and negative chart, that is to say A total of 160 patterns,

[Size] 21 × 21CM

[Material] copperplate coated paper. Matte film is not reflective baby tear is not bad

[Weight] 400g / box

[Pricing] 23.8 yuan / box

[Recommended] black and white cards for ages 0-6 months, your baby, color card for 3 months to 3 years old baby.

【product description】

Copper coated card, matte surface, non-glare, protect the eyes. Not easily torn. Lifelike graphics, image, every 0-3 years old baby early childhood books, develop intelligence, stimulate visual!

FIG visual excitation card visually stimulate theoretical basis, through graphics and color visual stimulation, and promote infant brain development is suitable for 0-3 year-old baby.


  1. The cards one by one to show the baby to see, systematic visual excitation daily training.
  2. The card attached to the wall of the room the baby, let your baby awake can easily see.
  3. The card attached to the large square of cardboard, white card with black and white cards and stick method, feel free to move within a range of baby activity.
  4. Holding a card and make baby pursuits, Duanlian baby's eye coordination exercise capacity.

Training environment : Well-lit room, a light shines in the otherwise quiet room on the card, no other interference.

Training time : Choose better about the baby when (neither pain nor feel hungry or sleepy), can be carried out after each training after changing a diaper.

Systems Training Methods : The baby in his arms, or let him lying comfortably in bed or on the floor, holding a card from the baby's face 30~ 45Cm, at the same time say to the baby plug picture name, wait a moment, to give the baby time to find the card, and observe the baby's reaction when the baby to see when the card, and then loudly and clearly repeat the name of the baby pictures, then pro pro baby. show the next card. Every time training with 5~ 10Second, training every day 10Times greater than the interval 20minute.

Initially, a day to show a card, with the development of the baby visual ability, and gradually increase the number of display cards.

Pursuits training methods : Hand-held card from the baby's face 30~ 45Cm, parents say the name of the picture until after the baby pictures to see, slowly to the left, right, up, move down the card, so that the baby's eyes follow the card. Training day 1Times, each time not more than training 30Seconds.

Visual memory training while fostering:

After a period of visual training, you will find the baby with a very short time be able to see the old graphics card, and look away; when you give the baby to see a new card, he will gaze longer time. this shows that he has been remembered ever seen graphics. then they should replace the old card with the new graphics training.