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She loved him | Red rice note Phone Case | Red rice note enhanced 4G battery cover 5.5 square inch rear shell

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Product parameters:

  • Protective sleeve texture: Plastic
  • Style: cover type
  • Color Classification: note the silver side - style white silver side note - Cat broodstock silver side note - ice blue silver side note - ice cream watermelon red silver side note - monochrome white silver side note - Uli black silver side note - Tyrant gold note silver edge - ice cream black silver side note - splicing blue lime note silver lining - a silver heart-shaped balloon side note - yellow-orange stitching silver side note - debate bar girl
  • Style: British
  • Applicable phone models: MIUI / millet
  • Model: Red rice Note
  • Brand: love him love her ·
  • Type: note

Product Name: Red rice note [Back cover to replace the original back cover]


PC Mirror Backplane (Non-tempered glass ) + Matte plastic frame (Nonmetallic ) Durable scratch-resistant wear.

Applicable models: Red rice note phone /Red rice note enhanced version / edition 4G mobile phone Universal

This is a red rice note (5.5-inch) Genuine dedicated phone

Other red rice millet phone can not be used Do not shoot, thank you.

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(note) After this we must first remove the original shell casing, then use us, will be fitted with a little thicker than the original (because the square was thick), made of PC plastic side is matte, the back is a mirror effect, the back layer of protective film, not the old nor scratch, peel off the protective film can be used, thank you

For painted cover please thank connection