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Palette 037-54 mini aluminum outdoor home batteries on the 5th small light flashlight LED anti - wolf

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Factory direct Palit GL-037 -...
  • Brand: Palit
  • Product Number: GL-037-54
  • Lamps and accessories: LED
  • Maximum luminous flux: 100 lumens (including) -240 lumens (not included)
  • The maximum range: 50m or less
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 30g
  • Battery specifications: 5
  • Time to market: 2012
  • Continuous lighting time: 4 hours or more
  • The use of time: 100,000 hours
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Can be charged: not rechargeable
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 20
  • Black (with no battery) brown (with no battery) Black (plastic packaging with battery) brown (plastic packaging with battery)
  • Applicable environment: daily carry on foot
  • Sports Outdoor: Walking
  • Length: φ20 × 92 (mm)

(Please do not use Nanfu, Duracell and other high-capacity battery, easy to damage the flashlight, small flashlight is energy-saving small current discharge, high-capacity battery discharge A large current will easily break.

包邮 District sent tact or rhyme delivery, random delivery, no other courier, Comments are not accepted , Such as less than the need to express their own outlets, such as not willing to take their own, please contact customer service negotiations.

Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia These provinces only because of the air courier, flashlight with batteries can not be on the air, these areas only send a flashlight without batteries, can accept the photographed, can not accept no battery, please do not shoot, thank you!

Baby shell properties : A flashlight Model GL-037-54 Length: 9.2 cm, weight: 30 grams or so, with a 5 battery (5, 1.5V ordinary battery, rechargeable battery 1.2V) 5 battery sustainable lighting 5 Hour or more.

Features : As long as a section on the 5th battery can get, do not worry about charging the flashlight can not charge,

Energy saving, good brightness, compact and breathable, easy to carry, home essential, travel out of the good stuff.

For people : To send parents, lovers, friends, children, relatives.

Send a flashlight to the parents at home, in power outages or dinner out to walk a small flashlight to put a pocket, there is a dark place to take out a photo, with Give the night shift of the girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, after get off work to get out from the bag one, the other hand, Think of a boyfriend, girlfriend, love to send more happiness, he (she) is too thoughtful; to send a child to buy from the evening, the evening back to school back Home, more peace of mind ah, of course, still have to buy their own, and can not forget to own.

Aluminum alloy shell made of small flashlight, looks beautiful, grade, more people love is small, easy to carry anytime, anywhere.

Look at the pro-flashlight evaluation:

product description:

1) 1W large chip LED, brightness up to 25-45LUMEN, life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours

2) Shell material: T6061 aviation aluminum alloy, all-metal shell CNC process production

3) Product size: φ20 × 92 (mm)

4) a single net weight: 30g

5) Appearance treatment: military regulations anodized

6) Shell color: black brown

7) Use the battery: 1xAA (1.5V)

8) Range: 50M

9) lighting time: continuous lighting for more than 5 hours

10) Transition: ON / OFF Press the switch

11) Marking: laser laser color LOGO

12) Waterproof: IP62