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365 Specifications: Quantity: 0.00 Price Description: Detailed Product Description: Amber jewelry identification pen

365 Specifications: Quantity: 0.00 Price Description: Detailed Product Description: Amber jewelry identification pen
Product code: 27202000030
Unit price 9.26-26.83$
Sold quantity 15119
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Product parameters:

  • Charging mode: Multi-function charging
  • Brand: Warsun
  • Item: Erlang God
  • Lamps and accessories: LED
  • Maximum luminous flux: 240 lumens (including) -350 lumens (not included)
  • Maximum range: 50m or less
  • Material: Others
  • Weight: 330g
  • Battery specifications: 18650
  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Stalls: 2 files -4 files
  • Whether to focus: No
  • Continuous lighting time: 10 hours
  • Use of time: 10w H
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Rechargeable: Rechargeable
  • Charging time: 10-12 hours
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 588
  • (Penetrating power, suitable for jade, jade jewelry, and other internal testing) Purple 365nm (amber wax Rosewood cosmetics and other fluorescent agent detection) Purple 395nm (strong light penetration, suitable for jade and jade jewelry, etc.) (Yellow light + purple light 365nm) four light package (yellow + white + violet 365nm + violet 395nm) three light source package (yellow light +
  • Applicable environment: daily carrying camping hiking night riding a hole hunting
  • Sports outdoor projects: fishing by driving on foot camping
  • Length: 130mm

Body stainless steel three-layer polished polished to protect your love device

Simple for the first Jade flashlight Four light sources Optional

White light Yellow light Violet 365nm Purple light 395nm

'Light source introduction'

White light: As the gemstones have a selective absorption of white light, when the white light through the gem, some wavelengths of light will be absorbed, and the selective absorption of gemstones, with its coloring elements related to many gemstones have characteristic absorption spectra, observed To this spectrum, you can determine its precious stones.Therefore, white light is to identify the color of gemstones true and false means, such as dyeing jade.Using white light can quickly and easily identify, for example, ruby, iron garnet, red garnet , Emerald, zircon, green jade, olivine, apatite, blue, green sapphires, chrysoberyl, identification of jewelry need to use light.

Yellow: Penetrating power, suitable for watching the skin with jade, jade, jade and stone when the original stone ghost peep inside.

Violet 365nm: Light color pure, under normal circumstances, the naked eye observation of white (dark) or light blue. According to the object in a fluorescent material showing a bright blue, the color contrast quite obvious, the results are intuitive and accurate, suitable for amber, Beeswax, glue the identification of fluorescent substances. (Recommended to use violet 365nm)

Purple 395nm: mainly for amber beeswax Jadeite surface fluorescent material detection (light color bright blue, will affect the detection results)

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the difference between independent light sources and multiple light sources?

A: This is actually well understood, 3 light source design is a single core put 3 LED lamp beads, according to the light is a deviation, while the independent light source single-core plant, the light emitted light symmetry and strong. People generally use a separate light source flashlight as a testing tool.