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Bathroom bathroom glass film window stickers translucent shading film opaque frosted window paper insulation film

Product code: -27181200030
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: lavao / LAVO
  • Item: linden blossom P010
  • Color Classification: White Bodhi 45cm wide white Bodhi 60cm wide white Bodhi 90cm wide white Bodhi 120cm wide black Bodhi 40cm wide black Bodhi 45cm wide black Bodhi 60cm wide black Bodhi 80cm wide black Bodhi 90cm wide black Bodhi 120cm wide Lime 120cm wide black wrought iron 45cm wide black wrought iron wrought iron 90cm wide 60cm wide black black wrought iron, wrought iron 40cm wide and 120cm wide white white white wrought iron, wrought iron 45cm wide 60cm wide and 80cm wide white iron white wrought iron 90cm wide white wrought iron wrought iron 60cm wide 120cm wide gold gold gold wrought iron wrought iron 90cm wide 120cm wide
  • Style: European
  • Pattern: plant flowers
  • Disc: 1
  • Size:
  • Denominated in units of: m

【product brand】

lavao / LAVO

【product name】

Bodhi flower flower Iron P010 P014 (2D printing series)

【Standard sizes】

width : 40cm 45cm 50cm 60cm 80cm 90cm 120cm

thickness : 0.18mm (20, 50 meters roll)

Product ingredients

PVC Static film + polyester substrate (PET) release film

Product Process

Printing Technology

Product performance standards

EN71-Part3 + AATCC 183-2004

Product quality

Excellence in goods