Lee Cheung professional Blower cafe computer dust stepless power household dust blower

Lee Cheung professional Blower cafe computer dust stepless power household dust blower

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Lee Cheung
  • Model: LX-700W /
  • Color Classification: Large Medium Small hair dryer charge

Lee Cheung Small Medium Large Computer Desk

The main precipitator computer hair In hair removal based, with dust extraction; Blowing very strong

However, due to structural reasons, Cleaning function can never be compared to professional cleaners ! (Online All hair dryers are the same, do not listen to others talk nonsense! Ha ha!)

Computer hair removal machine main purposes:

1, cleaning computer dust (blue screen can be prevented due to the heat caused by poor), and are often used to play on the keyboard in the ash and the like;

2, clean windowsill, dirt on the balcony (roadside are a lot of house dust);

3, home appliances, office equipment clean (televisions, printers, air conditioners and other clean)

4, the appliance repair home appliances are often used to clean inside the dust; clean the internal circuit board for inspection and maintenance of the line, but also to prevent excessive dust cause unnecessary trouble

【product description】
Blower is designed for cleaning dust and design, it is primarily through a large number of high-pressure air, dust blown away, of course, can also be supplied mesh bag to collect dust, as a simple vacuum cleaner use force is very strong wind the hair dryer is tens of times, though not as pressure compressed air pressure, but also very large, and clean up the computer CPU fan, power supply fan and chassis, computer monitor internal dust when only 1-2 minutes to clean up the entire computer, but do not stay dead, and now many Internet cafes are using this tool for Internet cafe computer to do regular cleaning. In the summer, Internet computer because the long-term continuous operation, easy due to the accumulation of dust caused by the temperature of the heat distributing computer does not go out, machine temperature, in order to extend the life of the computer, computer to reduce the temperature, reduce computer crash problem, regular clean up computers work is necessary, the use of this tool, you will completely get rid of the towel and brush this backward way to clean, easy to use simple, one-handed operation of both, can your work efficiency several times, 200 computers in Internet cafes , 1 person two hours will be able to easily finish the cleanup of all computers!


Before using the computer with the best masks work! Please work to clean up the front and moved to the open space, the use of suction fan blowing dust blowing function, because the amount of wind blowing everywhere, the General Assembly, it must take the time to blow All doors and windows were open, so easy to dust being blown out of a hair dryer. If the space is not recommended to choose absorption function, by suction functions can reduce the dust flying in trouble! but when the smoke can not always remember to breathe sharp, big and hard things Oh! because blades are made of reinforced nylon, due to the high speed is dangerous to be broken Oh! this problem as long as the attention to points on the OK Oh!

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