Long house cup glass flower cup glass office heat cup lid male and female taxi thick belt filter

Long house cup glass flower cup glass office heat cup lid male and female taxi thick belt filter

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Glass color: colorless, transparent
  • Shape: Blown
  • Capacity: 301mL (including) -400mL (inclusive)
  • Brand: long house
  • Item No: MM448
  • Price range: $ 30 -39.9 yuan
  • Number: 1

Crystal clear, warm, pleasant, frank open-minded, to accompany you through every morning, without too many words, just quietly stay with you like high borosilicate glass, which after
From high temperature, free of impurities, so crystal clear and flawless. Glass filter liner, effective separation of tea and tea, so do not worry drink tea at tea. Frank straight cup body
Modeling, modeling is not only simple and elegant, but comfortable to take hold, more humane!
Long House 400ml
71448 China
Pure hand-blown -20°~150°
Borosilicate glass
12cm wide and 8cm high capacity 400ml
Handmade with fine bubbles and pull profiling process is a normal phenomenon, non-defective, mind carefully shot.
Tea isolated
After light lift interior, flows along the seam tea filter, clear the remaining tea in the cup, the tea is separated in the interior, while the concentration of tea, drink to suit your tastes!
Quietly taste
Until after the tea filter and clean the interior sitting upside down lid, avoiding wetting the desktop while clean, then you can enjoy peace of mind of your favorite tea!
The liner out on an inverted glass cover, so as not to expose the tea tea! And more beautiful health!
Imagine holding every day such a crystal clear glass, sipping tea in every sunrise, Wet your throat, breathed a song, pleasure! All the unpleasant smoke all
Consumers scattered clouds, smart girl knows how to take care of themselves, intellectual woman knows how to enjoy life. Thanks for this wonderful day!
Every day new things will happen, good and bad, we're just ordinary people living ordinary lives, live simply must treat every day with a sense of balance,
Do not pressure, do not fret, because the time will dilute everything, whether good or bad, leaving only a piece of memory! In this piece of memory, hoping to find my presence!