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Cup house cups cups cups cups cups heat-resistant cups with lid man ladies thickening band filter

Cup house cups cups cups cups cups heat-resistant cups with lid man ladies thickening band filter
Product code: 27072000030
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Product parameters:

  • Glass color: colorless and transparent
  • Shape: blown
  • Capacity: 301mL (inclusive) -400mL (inclusive)
  • Brand: diffuse house
  • Item: MM448
  • Price range: 30 yuan -39.9 yuan
  • Number of: 1

Crystal clear, gentle and pleasant, straight and open-minded, to accompany you through every morning, without too much words, as long as quietly around with you like. High borosilicate glass material, it passed
High temperature firing, without impurities, so clear no time.Green filter liner, the effective separation of tea and tea, so do not worry about tea when drinking tea. Straight straight cup body
Modeling, not only simple and generous shape, and take grip comfortable, more humane!
Long house 400ml
71448 China
Pure hand blown -20 ° ~ 150 °
High borosilicate glass material
High 12cm wide 8cm capacity 400ml
Pure hand-made, there are subtle bubbles and pull the pattern is a normal process, non-flaw, mind who carefully shot.
Tea separated
Light lift the liner, the tea soup along the filter out, leaving the crystal clear in the cup, the tea is separated in the liner, while the concentration of tea, drink for their own taste!
Quietly tasting
After the tea filter is clean, the liner will sit in the buckle of the lid, to avoid wetting the table at the same time clean and hygienic, then you can feel at ease to enjoy their favorite tea!
Put the liner out on the inverted glass cover, so as not to tea when the tea exposed! And more beautiful health!
Imagine every day holding such a crystal clear glass, in every sunrise when drinking tea, moist throat, singing a song, pleasant physical and mental! All unhappy smoke
Disappear, smart girl know how to take care of themselves, intellectual woman know how to enjoy life. Thank you for this wonderful day!
Every day there will be fresh things, there are good and bad, we are just ordinary people live an ordinary life, live a simple day to be a normal heart to treat,
Do not stress, do not be irritable, because time will dilute everything, whether it is good or bad. Leaving only the film memory! In this piece of memory hope to find my presence!