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'Buy 2' Children's Gift Star Wind Wheel | All Flash Wheel Slide Boots Pulley Shoes Sliding Wheels

'Buy 2' Children's Gift Star Wind Wheel | All Flash Wheel Slide Boots Pulley Shoes Sliding Wheels
Product code: 27041700030
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Lowe
  • Children's PVC two rounds, red children's PVC two rounds, green (red) children's PVC two rounds, purple children's PVC two rounds, large red children's PVC two rounds, green Children PVC two rounds, blue children PVC two rounds, black
  • Item: PVC two rounds

Scope: Weight 80 pounds or less, shoe code 39 yards or less

Worry about children wrestling can buy protective gear and helmet package Oh.

Shoe rack: new materials to build C, bright colors, high strength, good flexibility;
Wheel Material: PVC wheels;

Wheel lights: yellow, red, blue, green, etc. color light;
Fixed bars and screws: black process, a high degree of rust;
Bearing: high-strength carbon steel bearings, smooth without resistance;

Elastic: with high elasticity and toughness, will not lose their elastic deformation
Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, yellow , Purple, pink.

Packing: 19 × 9.5 × 11cm

Gross weight: 0.65 kg

Description: do not warranty Oh, the wheels are not easy to light off but does not affect the glide, do not shine nor warranty does not sell Oh

(Will be checked before shipment 3 times, but sometimes damage will lead to the transport is not bright, each pair of spare light-emitting magnet to send a).

'study method'

1. put one foot in front of the other foot, placed in parallel before and after the feet, the toes raised to the ground about 4 cm from the ground;

2. Lift the front toe to about 8 cm above the ground, leaning forward and balance the center of gravity above your legs.

3. With one foot forward step, rear foot lift, the formation of forward momentum, once the body out of balance, then immediately tilt the toes down.