Wireless Conference System

Wireless Conference System

Product description:

product description:

Using UHF UHF band, lessinterference than traditional VHF band and transmission is more reliable. Equippedwith multichannel digital phase lockedloop DPLL frequency synthesis technology, can provide 50MHzfrequency with over 200 channels in 250 kHz channel space. This is convenient used in Sametime and easy to avoid all kinds of interference equipment sets. even emitterand receiver tuning frequency is wrong, you only need to press the button, then thetransmitter will automatically lock frequency of the receiver, and in accordance with advanced automatic frequency hopping adjustconsistently. low power switching function, for meeting places (high power emission), classrooms and KTV rooms (low-power transmitters). in order to save battery power. piggyback launches andreceiver lock function to prevent incorrect operation. in addition, you to increase capacity ofresisting interference and increase the receiver sensitivity adjustment function canadjust distance required by the sensitivity of the receiver. Aexcellent LCD monitor to make working conditions more clearly.

System parameters

Operating frequency: 532-960Hz can be equipped with

Modulation: FM (Extended digital compression)

Frequency stability: ± 0.005%

Maximum screen shift: ± 45KHz

Dynamic Range: 96dB

Working distance: 100M (open area)

IF: Digital compression expansion

Sensitivity: 12dBuV

Transmitter parameters

Built-in antenna

Output work rate: 10mw Adjustable

Spurious Rejection: -60dB

Battery life: about 10 hours during normal launch

Power Supply: 1.5V cells 2, quiet place 5 minutes automatic shutdown to save battery reaches