Shenzhen factory direct PET PVC aluminum substrate plant sand glue | single-component | hydrolysis | Shenzhen 908

Shenzhen factory direct PET PVC aluminum substrate plant sand glue | single-component | hydrolysis | Shenzhen 908

Product description:

BrandsHong Shengrongmodel908Packing50KG / barrel
Type of adhesive materialLeather, plastic, wood, ceramics, paper type, planting sand sandpaperEffective substances ≥100(%)Shelf Life6 (months)
Implementation of standardsSGSOperating temperature15Viscosity4000
CureIndoor Natural CurePlace of originShenzhenValidity6
FeaturesSandpaper plant sandRange of purposesSkid sandpaper plant sand

Waterborne one-component, odorless, non-toxic
908 is a kind of plant sand resin toughness Haonai acid hydrolysis resistant to oils high adhesive strength aqueous environment, there are environmental testing 18P, 138 项, MSDS report, after curing, colorless and transparent, does not cause environmental pollution, is a green environmentally friendly products
Glue Uses: This product is widely used in PVC substrates planting sand / PET substrate plant sand / aluminum foil substrate plant sand / synthetic substrate plant sand / sponge plant sand high strength composite waterproof product.
Glue Color: emulsion type, look for yellow, does not burn, does not contain harmful substances three stupid, safety and environmental protection
Glue Instructions:
(1) network roll coating machine
(2) screen machine after machine network layout glue glue subject to 55 ℃ -70 ℃ drying; Melaleuca rack mesh coating on the need 2-3 hours to dry, after drying the substrate confirmed collating folded in your desired thickness, cut into the beginning of different specifications,
If the glue is dry, then immediately organize stack pressure will produce colloidal transfer; for adjustment of the cutter pressure of the pressure when cutting the finished product, the pressure is too high will cause damage colloid.
After use: ordinary tap water after use network roll screen simply rinse with water placed next use.

Physical parameters:
Test items Specifications
Appearance yellow viscous gum
PH value 7 ~ 8 (20 ℃) ​​Pa.s
Viscosity of 4,000 to 5,000
Solid content,% 50 ± 1
Coating amount, g / 150 ~ ㎡80

After 24 hours, the peel strength, N / 25mm 2.5
Paste Repeat 100 times the peel strength, N / 25mm 1.0
After 24 hours particles metastasis-free transfer of particles on a substrate
Total volatiles (voc), g / L≤2
Benzene, g / kg 0
Formaldehyde, g / kg 0
Storage period: 6 months
Packing: 50KG / plastic barrel

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