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Puzzle glue 802 | Furniture glues | wood glue | glue mahogany furniture

Puzzle glue 802 | Furniture glues | wood glue | glue mahogany furniture
  • Puzzle glue 802 | Furniture glues | wood glue | glue mahogany furniture
Product code: 26974100001
Unit price: 10 USD
Price unit: Per kilogram
Minimum order: 500
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Place of originShenzhenBrandsHSRExteriorEmulsion
Viscosity20000 (MPa.s)Solid content50(%)Minimum film forming temperature3(℃)
First dry time2(h)Curing time24(h)Curing conditionsRoom temperature curing

Puzzle glue technical parameters
The main agent
Polymer Type: ethylene - vinyl acetate polymer
Appearance: milky white viscous liquid
Total solids content (%): 50 ± 2
Viscosity (25 ℃): 13000-21000cps
PH: 5.0-7.0
Minimum film forming temperature ℃: 3 ℃
Appearance: brown liquid
Viscosity (25 ℃): ≥200

Storage conditions:
Please placed in a cool dry place to ensure that the colloidal pollution, avoid high heat, sun, or freezing, storage temperature suitable
Is 10-30 ℃, the temperature is too high or too low in order to avoid damage to properties of the adhesive; colloidal bees must be stored, there will be saved
Upper and lower viscosity uneven nature and do not affect the quality, please stir well before use, 25 ℃ storage period of six months.
(Problems may occur in the use of and solutions)
1, low intensity, stick is not strong, easy to open plastic

Cause Analysis:
Glue inappropriate (1) used;
(2) was added to the gum too much water, not enough to cause the solids content;
(3) wood moisture content is too high, resulting in not fixed;
(4) coating is too small, when the glue has cured and before splicing;
(5) when pressurized wood repeatedly forcibly displaced reset.

(1) selection of plastic and wood to match;
(2) can not be added to the gum water or other substances to maintain the integrity of the colloid;
(3) when the moisture content of the wood splice should generally most appropriate between 8-12%;
(4) When the glue must be adequate, uniform;
(5) multi-point repeatedly pressing, not crushed at once, before the pressurized timber to each pad level.

2, plate after a good fight, a black plastic seam line

Analysis: alkali content of the wood is too high.
Treatment: the wood species with different habitat, the alkali content is different, pay attention to the PH value should be used in plastic
It was adjusted accordingly.

3, some common glue that:
(1) Central very firmly at both ends to open plastic;
(2) very firmly at both ends, central open plastic;
(3) one end of the prison, a disconnect gum;
(4) Good bonding strength but the local open plastic.
Cause Analysis:

(1) multi-point pressure, intermediate to the ends of propulsion, each pressure point both in one step, resulting in stress and deformation
After the straight line can not expand, the surface seems to have a good pressure, in fact, not yet in place;
(2) multi-point ends when pressed to advance to the middle, each pressure point are one step (crushed), caused by the
Unable to stretch after deformation, the surface seems to have a good pressure, in fact, not yet in place;
(3) multi-point pressure to promote end to the other, each pressure point are one step (crushed), building
To stress warping deformation when pressure is applied in a consistent end can not accurately place;
(4) because the fixture angle is too large or not pressurized splice surface at right angles, resulting spell plates appear curved, etc;
(5) lack of time pressure, pressure release prematurely.

Treatment: (1), (2), (3) when the pressure to be symmetrical multiple (three or more) gradually afterburner,
Finally reaches the set pressure, do not step;
(4) found that the arc plate, to use layering and hit the cork flattened.
(5), pressing time recording, make-up order placed, accurate circulation relief when relief to confirm whether or curing colloid.


1, such as wood moisture content higher than 12%, the pressure must be increased to give sufficient time to the final binding force

2, colloids, and metal containers to avoid contact to prevent stains on the wood violet blue

3, after long-term storage before use stir well before use

4, mixed with plastic, some stir, to avoid leaving dead, affecting local strength

5, this product is not recommended for water


50kg / barrel (drum, plastic barrels)

120kg / barrel (plastic barrel)

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