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Jelly jelly rubber | industrial glue | environmentally-friendly plastic jelly factory outlets

Jelly jelly rubber | industrial glue | environmentally-friendly plastic jelly factory outlets
  • Jelly jelly rubber | industrial glue | environmentally-friendly plastic jelly factory outlets
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Shenzhen Hongsheng Rong Technology Co., Ltd. is a waterborne acrylic resins, laminating waterproof plastic, vinyl acetate polymer solution (white glue, also known as four thousand plastic), abrasive glue, Asia Mody Caledonia plastic gift wrap and glue other professional production and processing of a limited liability company, has a complete and scientific quality management system. integrity, strength and quality of products Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City 鸿盛荣 recognized by the industry.
The company is committed to innovation and development of water-based emulsion products for eco-friendly green China to contribute.
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Plastic paddle nature:Appearance light yellow, slightly scented, gel-like condensation body, the softening point of 35 ℃. PH of 5-7 degrees, diluent water, the highest temperature 95 ℃, recommended temperature 75-85 ℃. Jelly (animal protein glue, addicted jelly glue)

Features: viscous strong, moderate drying speed (8-600 seconds), good liquidity flexible and strong, environmentally friendly cleaning.

Viscosity: 1250 ± 50cps

Solid content: 64%

Purpose: Jelly is a hot melt adhesive protein jelly, used in printing and packaging, wine box, shoebox, underwear box, shirt box underwear, high-grade packaging gift boxes and various album, hardcover books hull, etc. , suitable for KOUBUS, DEXTER and Shanghai Zi-hong, Dongguan Hongming, Yiwu new mechanical vibration, etc., with fast curing speed can make cardboard hardness characteristics, only for high-speed mechanization has heated semi-automatic and automatic equipment box making machine.

Features: (1) strong stick, not a plastic, and soon formed a layer of dry film after bonding, can enhance the stiffness of the box, such as the uneven surface of the base paper, you can make a book case or carton after bonding surface is smooth, beautiful; (2) no odor, odor, non-toxic, harmless; (3) after a good stick will not mildew, strong corrosion resistance.

Detection: This product has been tested by SGS

Shelf life: one year (must be stored in a cool dry place, avoid sunlight and high temperature, the optimum storage temperature 18-30 ℃)

Instructions for use:

1, jelly gum is a high-protein material, can not be mixed with cement and other materials to use, long-term storage of free air will dissipate moisture and weathering as well as difficult to dissolve hardened, apply a little water infiltration to increase the use of colloidal leather Biography hot area.

2, in use must take to open the melter temperature 85 ℃ ~ 95 ℃ (melter display 90 ℃, glue the actual temperature is only about 75 ℃), only glue the actual temperature reaches above 75 ℃, in order to make the glue to achieve the most good condition.

3, if 128g or less of copper of paper packaging, please add less water, the glue machine glue thin tone, so the glue is too thick, the impact surface box watermarks or blistering. 4, different paper, different materials performance, before using this product, please try to avoid unnecessary losses. (for example, there MDF wax, etc.).

Note: In the rainy season, the air humidity is higher than production plant more than 90%, caution (or dehumidifier moisture absorption by the workshop humidity drops below 70% before using the product) good product. (box) Keep out moisture warehouse (warehouse is best to keep the air humidity below 70%), to prevent moisture, so the box blistering, black.

When the air humidity is higher than 90%, and glue viscosity will decrease, appear or stick with glue. (Only reduce humidity in order to solve this problem) met blistering phenomenon, the glue should be thin when the plastic, the plastic rear Sai reduce dry time, immediately Paul Hemming!

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