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Cloth composite glue | glue sponge | sponge and cloth composite | softness good | adhesive

Cloth composite glue | glue sponge | sponge and cloth composite | softness good | adhesive
  • Cloth composite glue | glue sponge | sponge and cloth composite | softness good | adhesive
Product code: 26973600001
Unit price: 5 USD
Price unit: Per kilogram
Minimum order: 500
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BrandsHong ShengrongmodelH-218PackingChemical drums 120 / KG
Type of adhesive materialLeather, shoe materials composite fabric compositeEffective substances ≥100(%)Operating temperature25(℃)
Shelf Life6 (months)Implementation of standardsEnterprise StandardViscosity20000-50000

Shenzhen Hongsheng Rong Technology Co., Ltd. is a leather edge oil acrylic resins, laminating waterproof plastic, vinyl acetate polymer solution (white glue, also known as four thousand plastic), abrasive glue, glue and Asia Mody Caledonia Leather edge oil additives and other special professional production and processing of a limited liability company, has a complete and scientific quality management system. integrity, strength and quality of products Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City 鸿盛荣 recognized by the industry.
The company is committed to innovation and development of water-based emulsion products for eco-friendly green China to contribute.
The quality of survival, reputation and development
Sincerely welcome all my colleagues to seek cooperation partners to establish
Because professional, so trustworthy!

H-218 is the glue of the Company (Shenzhen Hongsheng Rong Technology Co., Ltd.) in 2011 for a shoe factory developed a composite fabric glue, synthetic foam, paper, cotton, plastic plywood plywood, cotton cloth, nylon cloth, polyester fabric, PVC fitting, EVA and composite fabrics, TC cloth, anti-cloth, fiber and fiber and carpet backing and other places.
Widely used in: color printing plants, paper for printing, PP laminating adhesive edge of the plant such as a paste (cloth and cloth that fit with the PS plate), shade plant (patch edge, edge of the paper) glue silk factory (for silk flowers, plastic handle) and other widely used.
EVA and fabric, EVA and EVA adhesive for bonding leather, EVA, sponge, cotton cloth, carpets and other materials, composite machine features: 1, low viscosity and high solids technology, fast-drying, the adhesive coating construction more convenient, more economical basis .2 amount of glue, laminating machine heated to a temperature of 50-70 degrees Celsius, saving money .3, no benzene and other toxic solvents, to ensure the health of construction workers precautions: adhesive surface should be no oil, water, dust and other undesirable impurities stick and pressing to rule out air bubbles in order to prevent the best use of the environment: temperature 10-100 degrees Celsius, humidity is less than 85% of the starting point for the market. adhesive, variety, mixed, price and quality vary widely, but most of the products smell very exciting. in view of this, I plant the latest development of cheap, low-odor performance integrated you type all-purpose adhesive. this product uses the latest national standards. star hotel, high-grade office buildings, luxury homes and other interior decoration of the ideal product. use mainly for interior decoration, furniture manufacturing, art decoration, automotive interiors and other industries. adhesive can fire board, aluminum panels, plywood, wood and wood and so on.

Appearance (color)Transparent
Viscosity 25 ℃ / Pa, s20000-50000
PH value7
Residual monomers(Wt%) 0.5 or less

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