JS waterproofing coating manufacturers wholesale | Polymer waterproof coating | A large quantity of Cong

JS waterproofing coating manufacturers wholesale | Polymer waterproof coating | A large quantity of Cong

Product description:

Film colorTransparentAlkali resistanceStrongWater resistanceExcellent
BrandHSRLiquid typeEmulsion typeOriginShenzhen
Storage period12 monthsUse rangeWaterproof caulkSingle piece weight50(kg)

HSR-50kgJS-II polymer cement waterproofing coating

A feature

JS-II polymer cement waterproofing coating, high-performance architecture is based on specific emulsion as the main body, and with a certain proportion of cement made. this product has excellent adhesion and permeability resistance, crack resistance, durability and resistance to acid

Effect. the product is nontoxic, pollution-free, easy, and has significant environmental benefits, a new generation of environmentally friendly waterproof material.

Second, the use

1. widely used in roof, exterior walls, toilet kitchen rooms, pools, basements, waterproofing of the roof as well as other buildings, leakage-proof, moisture-proof and other projects.

2. for aerated concrete hollow brick masonry of porous materials, such as leakage-proof, moisture-proof.
Three main technical performance

1. bonding strength: with concrete, cement mortar, bonded 1.0Mpa

2. elongation: ≥ 80% free; tensile strength: No 1.8MPa

3. the impermeable 0.3MPa,30min waterproof

4. the impermeability: ≥ 0.6MPa
Four, use method

1. base treatment: the surface should be flat and strong grass-roots, non-cellular, Matt surface, free of dust and grease. yin and Yang made arc angle; before the construction of grass-roots defective parts to be


2. apply Primer: according to actual engineering or design requirements can be in the substrate surface brush emulsion as an interface.

3. apply waterproofing paint: LaTeX glue cement = 1: (0.6~0.8) the weight ratio of mixing.

Waterproof paint for three times, thickness of waterproof specification, every interval of about brushing (1~2H, not sticky).

4. enhancement: waterproofing layer such as the need for increased, non-woven cloth or alkali-free fiberglass body enhancement.


Five considerations

1. LaTeX glue should be and mix before use.

2. cement for 325# more than ordinary Portland cement or slag cement.

3. the emulsion should be stored in a cool place, shelf life of 12 months.