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Tianjun ceiling fan light restaurant | Kiba European retro living room den LED chandelier remote fan | fan lights

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Tianjun SF50-5Y4L-39
  • Brand: Tianjun
  • Model: SF50-5Y4L-39
  • Energy efficiency rating: a
  • Color classification: 48-inch 42-inch color Ye Baiyun wood wooden 42-inch color Ye Baiyun Baiyun leaf wall control color 42-inch 48-inch iron iron leaf cabbage leaf cabbage 42-inch 48-inch iron iron cabbage leaf remote control remote control cabbage leaves 48 Kiba Baiyun inch remote control color 48 inch - orange white shade [42 inch] rope orange Leaves white shade - drawstring 42 inch wall Kiba Kiba remote control 42-inch 48-inch wall with Kiba Kiba remote control 48 inch
  • Highest Power: 20W (including) -69W (inclusive)
  • Turn leaf number: 5
  • Winds from the stalls: 3 files
  • Control type: hand rope governor
  • Ceiling Fan Category: decorative ceiling fan
  • Turn pages Material: Wood
  • Is there a reverse function:
  • Use area: 15 square meters-25㎡
  • Diameter: 1200mm (including) -1399mm (inclusive)
  • Boom length: 15cm-19cm