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Modern IX35 car window trim | IX35 modified special | stainless steel full-window bright | IX35 decorative strips

Product code: -26961400030
Unit price 3.68-41.25$
Sold quantity 2854
Available stock 9837
Expired or Cancelled

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Mai Guang
  • Model: IX35-096
  • Scope: window trim
  • Color Classification: Mirror / Deluxe Edition Full Window 28pcs / Galvanized Triangle Mirror / Upgrade Full Window 18pcs / Galvanized Triangle Mirror / Upgrade 6pcs / Stainless Steel Mattress / Deluxe Edition Full Window 26pcs / Stainless Steel Mirror / upgrade version of the package side of the window under the 4 sets of mirror / upgrade the whole window 16 / stainless steel front Triangle / stainless steel front triangle of the original car comes under the window please contact customer service! Mirror / luxury version of the whole window 26 / stainless steel front triangle
  • Services: support the installation

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