Golden Rose | 24k gold rose gold roses creative Valentines Day gifts to send his wife to send his girlfriend

Golden Rose | 24k gold rose gold roses creative Valentines Day gifts to send his wife to send his girlfriend

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Jishan Tang
  • Appearance: Plants
  • Color Classification: Small Medium full full large gold rose bud carnations Queen Queen Queen + Eiffel full full full plus Queen Queen + ceramic bottle large wooden heart wooden heart plus full bottle ( custom two-dimensional code) + full large heart-shaped'll stay born of a large package full of roses happy birthday Queen + full + full Xingyuxinyuan Queen + Queen birthday cake full of sweet thick + large full love thick white base + + crystal personalized custom large full-custom models a large base crystal base + full custom paragraph two 11 Bunch of three Bunch clinquant paragraph 9 Bunch clinquant paragraph 11 Bunch clinquant paragraph 9 red and blue clinquant paragraph 11 red and blue clinquant paragraph
  • Material: gold and silver
  • Item: 2887
  • Application of space: Bedroom
  • Style: Simple Modern
  • Function: marriage
  • Decoration Type: Desktop Decoration

Rose has long been a symbol of beauty and love. Greek and Roman nation rose a symbol of their love of God with Aphrodite, Venus Rose is a masterpiece created by Zeus in Greek mythology, the gods used to boast of his ability.
Traditional production process gold leaf, gold content is 99.99 percent gold bars as the main raw material, of polyester, hammering, cutting foil, and other special processing more than 10 procedures, and it presents golden color, light soft, light as a feather, thin such as onion skin, the thickness of less than 0.12 microns.
The word gold comes from Sanskrit, meaning shine; in Latin, meaning gold is dawn.
Gold rumored to be a product of alchemy, from the Eastern Jin, mature in the Southern, popular in the Song, Qi, Liang and Chen, 1700 years of history, and was formerly the Eastern Jin Dynasty capital of Nanjing Jiankang has thus been regarded as China's gold originating land, but first discovered gold in Egypt is the Nile Basin.
Gold in the world there are five major production bases, namely China, Japan, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Japan, gold leaf is passed in the past when Jianzhen.
Our gold rose Unlike traditional method has been used in other small factories beat black gold paper, first hammered into thin slices. Then use the world's first advanced gasification technology of vacuum press to make thousands of gold gold content of 99.9% gold bullion natural formation, natural surface Sands was micro fine shape, increasing the surface area and multi-angle reflection, make gold leaf, Jinhua more flashes. gilded gold leaf with a special support technology (film), the natural state of a three-dimensional, solid vacuum technology to protect the purity of the more pure , more shiny!
Gold, silver foil used in a very wide range of fields related to Buddhism, classical gardens, senior construction, medical care and cultural undertakings, including statues gilding, richly ornamented with gold, plaque couplets, decorative stickers gold is gold the most extensive use.