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Gold rose 24k gold leaf rose gold rose creative Christmas Valentine's Day gift to send his girlfriend to send his wife

Gold rose 24k gold leaf rose gold rose creative Christmas Valentine
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Jishishan
  • Appearance: plants
  • Color Classification: small full-size full-size full-size imitation gold foil large Eiffel carnations large full open large + Eiffel full open large + ceramic large full plus wooden heart large full plus wood heart Two-dimensional code custom) full open large heart-shaped dependency accompanied by a pair of rose sets of large full-size + birthday Happy large full-open + Star language wish large full open + birthday cake large open + sweet dense Love thick thick full open + blank base personalized custom large open + crystal base custom paragraph a large full open + crystal base custom paragraph two 3 a bunch of imitation gold foil paragraph 9 a bunch of imitation gold foil section 11 a bunch Imitation gold foil paragraph 9 red and blue imitation gold foil paragraph 11 red and blue imitation gold foil models
  • Material: gold and silver
  • Item No
  • Applicable space: bedroom
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Function: marriage
  • Decoration type: Desktop Decoration

The rose has long been a symbol of beauty and love.The ancient Greek and Roman peoples symbolize their love gods Aphrodite, Venus by roses.The Greek rose is a masterpiece created by Zeus, used to the gods Boast of their ability.
The traditional process of production of gold foil, gold content is 99. 99% of the gold bars as the main raw material, the polyester, hammering, cutting foil more than 10 special processes, Such as onion skin, the thickness of less than 0. 12 microns.
The word gold comes from Sanskrit, meaning to shine; in Latin, the meaning of gold is the dawn.
Gold foil is said to be the product of alchemy, originated from the Eastern Jin Dynasty, mature in the Southern Dynasties, popular in the Song, Qi, Liang, Chen, 1700 years of history, and the predecessor of the Eastern Jin Guokang Nanjing is also considered the origin of China But the earliest discovery of gold foil is in the Egyptian Nile basin.
Gold foil in the international arena has five major production bases, namely, China, Japan, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Japan's gold foil process is Jianzhen Dongdu Shi Chuan passed.
Our gold leaf rose is different from the other small factories have been in use black gold paper beat the traditional method, the first hammered into thin slices and then use the world's most advanced vacuum suppression gasification technology to gold content of 99.9% 1000 gold gold bars naturally formed gold foil surface natural The gold leaf is more flicker. Gold leaf with special support technology (lamination), the natural state was solid, solid. Vacuum technology to ensure purity is more pure , More shiny!
Gold foil, silver foil is widely used, involving Buddhism, classical gardens, advanced architecture, medicine and health care and cultural undertakings and other fields, including statues of gold, carved beams painted gold, plaque couplets, decorative gold, The most widely used.