The Law Netting/Grass Protection Plastic Mesh

The Law Netting/Grass Protection Plastic Mesh

Product description:

The lawn netting is used to plan the lawn on slope. vegetation gauze pad and the soil become compact and steady system, which can prevent soil erosion and cause no build on site, so it is an ideal preservation net of the edge slope.

Features and Application:
Manufactured from high density polyethylene ,the thermoplastic grass reinforcement mesh incorporates a blowing agent which gives the mesh a rougher surface thus creating a less slippery surface .This kind of plastic mesh is used in grassed car parks ,overflow car parks, golf buggy paths ,light aircraft taxiways, grass paths, emergency access routes, equestrian surface reinforcement, grass verges protection&caravan parks.

Plastic mesh for grass protection is in green color ,UV stabilized, rot resistant, chemically inert and therefore provides a long term reinforcement solution. Our ground reinforcement mesh offers much higher reinforcement to grass than our turf reinforcement mesh, and is far more economical and cost effective to install.

Material: PP , UV stabilized

Hole: 3-5cm

Width: 5-13m

Application: protect the grass, and prevent soil erosion; anti-bird

Character: in the same hole,easy to fix,lower cost.