Deer Fence Netting

Deer Fence Netting

Product description:

Deer fencing is a very high strength, lightweight, 2m to 2.5m high deer fence manufactured from high strength polypropylene BOP plastic netting. Deer have a tendency to forage over large areas and the cost effective deer fencing offers a very effective deer control barrier.

Deer fence is black, UV stabilized, rot proof and merges into it's background. Plastic deer fencing is very quick and easy to erect and each roll id lightweight whilst producing a very strong fencing.

Deer fence is easy to erect and install

Plastic netting has a mesh hole size of 5*5cm
The BOP plastic netting has a high tensile strength
Plastic mesh is UV stabilized and chemical resistant

Deer fencing rolls are lightweight
Deer fencing net is supplied on 25m and 100m long rolls and is lightweight which makes it quick, easy and very cost effective to install.