Party tent | Celebration tent

Party tent | Celebration tent

Product description:

Party tent are widely used in outdoor exhibitions, fairs, product promotion, product promotion, opening ceremony, party party, government publicity and consultation, reception activities, sports activities, outdoor weddings and festivals (Festival, Oktoberfest, Food Festival) Industry warehousing.

Party tent span sizes 3 m, 4 m, 5 m, 6 m, 8 m, 9 m, 10 m, 12 m, 15 m, 18 m, 21 m, 25 m, 30 m .40 m .50 m, 60 meters, and other specifications, the length can be increased or reduced according to the actual needs of the scene.

Party tent body frame made of high-strength lightweight hollow aluminum alloy, after oxidation tough solid, no rust, beautiful; tarpaulin with double-sided knife cut PVC coated fabrics, mildew, waterproof, fire retardant, UV, wear, wrinkle; connecting parts are galvanized steel, rust-proof, strong, beautiful canopy room without any pillars, space 100% utilization, the entire tent system maximum wind capacity of up 80km / h ~ 100km / h, learn. carrying up 0.3kn / m2 ~ 0.5kn / m2, and disassembly fast, convenient storage, removable, reusable and other characteristics.

Party tent features:

1. translucent: membrane material having light transmission properties, soft light into the room only to make people work indoors as outdoors, appreciate the pro-nature feeling and daytime lighting can not meet the needs of indoor lighting and save a lot of electricity consumption. That is environmentally friendly and control operating costs.

2. Large Span: unobstructed interior space to provide maximum practical space.

3. Insulation: with double insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation effect.

4. Low Requirements: lowest foundation requirements, the need for expensive construction and building foundation.

5. Cost: durable structure, tents novel and beautiful appearance, high quality to price, economic benefit.

Party tent nice, strong and durable, in strict accordance with the highest international quality standards, the main frame of party tent for outdoor use up to 30 years, far ahead of other domestic counterparts manufacturers.