Ceiling canopy | cone roof

Ceiling canopy | cone roof

Product description:

European-style tent ceiling design, look beautiful, stylish and elegant, but also for the specific dimensions of the design according to the actual situation .

Ceiling tent specifications 3 * 34 * 45 * 56 * 68 * 810 * 10, other sizes can be customized.

Ceiling tent poles with steel bracket.

Ceiling tent parameters : tent cloth : High- strength double-sided PVC coating membrane : Punta face thickness : 0.45 limit deviation ± 0.02MM Weight : 630 G / m² Wind Strength : Wind 6-8 Fire performance : B2 level (difficult fuel, namely from the fire three seconds after the self-destruction )

Ceiling tent features:

  1. The appearance of a water chestnut sense of three-dimensional.

  2. Quality assurance, wind stronger, more durable.

  3. Efficient, flexible, convenient, comfortable

Ceiling canopy Applications: It can be widely used as an outdoor temporary exhibition hall / exhibition hall, reception / advice, VIP lounge, symposia field, press center, dining, conference hall, the opening ceremony, the Shuttle site, press conferences, road shows, fashion show, ask at the reception, lounges, dining areas, product promotion, the groundbreaking ceremony, company celebrations, short-term storage, luxury weddings, the event opened, and so on .