Wheel sliding tent

Wheel sliding tent

Product description:

Wheel sliding tent wide range of applications, commonly used in food stalls, car wash, shops, factories temporary warehouses, temporary processing sites, large-scale activities, open-air restaurant, bar, open-air corridor ,, channel, docks, squares ,, garages, logistics heap field, residential parking spaces and other places.

Wheel sliding tent basic parameters:
1, Material: thick pipe bracket is fully galvanized.
2, Fabric: import pvc membrane; a variety of colors with the choice
3, the push-pull casters plus the flexibility to move, simple to use.
4, style: with customers to choose to build a manual sliding or fixed shed.
5. Specifications: Actual size according to customer needs.
6. Printing: provide logo artwork printed according to the customer.

Wheel sliding tent features:

1, easy to use
Wheel sliding tent using dragnet structure of production, from the ground to install casters and wheels, it can be folded, overall sliding. When using energy efficient, easy to push and pull the tent to start to recover the space occupied by leisure area can be reduced to the minimum ;
2, good stability
Wheel sliding two rows of tents tightly packed columns, a distance of about 50-80 cm between the two uprights fully opened; not only between the two uprights cross tube installed to enhance its stability, also in the sea stretch wheeled telescopic sliding tent the top two rows of roof specially reinforced cross tube, causing the wheel sliding tent in the course of more secure and stable;
3, anti-snow and strong
Wheel sliding retractable tent canopy above two rows of specially reinforced cross tube, so that the tent is not only more secure and stable sliding during use, and make the wheel sliding retractable roof tent Punta load capacity greatly enhanced, so calmly deal with the invasion of the storm raging effective protection sliding garage;
4, durable
Because the material wheel sliding tent frame with full-strengthening steel sections, combined with exquisite craftsmanship, therefore, skeleton extremely long life, and push and pull the tent fabric is imported mesh or thick pvc Oxford cloth stitched the whole sliding tent more Coordination beautiful and durable;

Sliding tent installation method:

Users can install the free sliding wheeled tents, developed and manufactured by the factory sliding wheel tent, simple to install, easy to operate, in general completely without electricity, no other mechanical power equipment, complete freedom easily complete the installation by hand, General 100 square meters, from 4-6 individuals, can be completed within half a day, can provide a sound Ruier factory using the installation instructions.