European Events Tent

European Events Tent

Product description:

European activities tent body frame special high-strength aluminum alloy hollow structure, the joints adopt international welding technology. Tent installation and removal convenient, flexible and convenient. Adjustable base able to cope with all the different types of venues, special tarpaulin tents imported PVC The tarp has superior endurance, anti-tensile, tear good performance, water-resistant, anti-UV, wind, fire in compliance with international safety standards.

European activities tarpaulin tent:

PVC canopy Buji Bu Description
(1) Professional performance coated fabrics have knot: Knife coating technology of liquid chemical and physical bonding PVC and fiber slurry scraping directly on the fabric;
(2) strong welding performance: welded fabric can withstand a lot of tension, even in the hurricanes, frequent operation in harsh environments, it will not affect the extent of the seal welding;
(3) The excellent surface properties: PVC certain thickness of the fabric surface smooth as a mirror;
(4) the durable life: a certain thickness Knife coated fabric not only gives excellent UV resistance, but also extend the life of the product;
(5) good color fastness: Because pigment directly immersed PVC coating inside, so Knife coated fabric can keep the color always bright as new.
(6) The fabric has anti-corrosion, mildew, UV and fire-retardant properties, rot and mildew does not occur within three years.
(7) Such existing white tarp (the other can be customized), and the light transmission performance is good, can be used alone; tarpaulin surface through a special varnish treatment, and good surface self-cleaning properties.

European activities tent specifications are as follows:
Roof canopy:
3 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m span, three meters a unit, while the high 2.6M, length can be infinitely extended;
12 m, 15 m, 18 m, 21 m, 25 m, 30 m, 40 m span, five meters a unit, while high 4M, length can be infinitely extended.

Pointed roof:
Side 3M-6M, side height 2.4M

Arc canopy:
3 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m span, three meters a unit, while the high 2.6M, length can be infinitely extended

European activities tent fixation:
Fixed way: drill rod (adapted to conditions on the ground is soft soil, such as: grass, ooze ground);
Fixed way: under the expansion screw (floor is cement can damage the situation applies to beat expansion screw, but also can reduce
Costs, but want to mention site power requirements);
Three fixed way: bearing plate attached weight to be attached to heavy concrete blocks, sand (for the ground can not be destroyed case);.

European activities tent elegant appearance, suitable for all kinds of outdoor exhibitions, sporting events, industrial warehousing, tourism and leisure, business gatherings, celebrations, business promotion, military use as well as other kinds of temporary relief activities.