Tents | live in tents

Tents | live in tents

Product description:

Tents for disaster relief, flood, field trips, camping, exploration, construction, etc. tent solid workmanship, moisture, water and dust, reasonable structure, shed equipped with gauze, wind lighting, insulation, with pest control, ventilation. Structure reasonable, easy to show income. appearance.

Tents basic parameters:

1. bracket with full galvanized pipe, pipe diameter of 25 or 32, a wall thickness of 1.2 GB galvanized steel.

2. oxford cloth or canvas tarpaulin.

3. Size: 2 * 33 * 44 * 54 * 65 * 65 * 86 * 86 * 10

4. Packing: Special cloth packaging, transportation and storage convenient.

Tents Installation:

1. Renzi Jia distraction, then three purlins to Renzi Jia linking group with 4 steel reinforcement so that the whole is stable, and finally the big top put on Renzi Jia.

2. At the same time hold the assembled people Renzi Jia, Renzi Jia inserted into the side column of a plug.

3. Place the tent walls, hung on the tent gable.

4. nailed around the tent (in a solid standard), with a taut rope and to corner.
5. earth will spread around the tent to the ground dado burying.

Tents workmanship standards (solid materials) The top three anti-cloth fabric Gables, thick cotton canvas fabric for the walls, windows (screens) open a large area, with moisture, dust, ventilation and other functions (cool) .