Spire tent | European Series

Spire tent | European Series

Product description:

Spire tent flexible and convenient, simple and beautiful, the most suitable for small-scale activities, but to a combination of a plurality of cells into a variety of square, the face of large-scale activities is its capability to make a difference and more, spectacular. Due to the combination and varied exhibition way that imagination is more with tension, sharp roof itself has a wide range of application, various business activities more outside the scene interpretation of the score.

The main spire tent frame is made of high strength aluminum alloy material as a lightweight aluminum structure frame, double-sided PVC-coated tarpaulin imports of synthetic tarpaulin, with wind, water, fire, good UV performance, as well as solid security, nice, quick assembly and disassembly, and easy storage and transportation, security and reliability fully meet the standards of similar foreign products, and strong wind resistance.

Spire tent Specifications: 3 * 3 m, 4 x 4 m, 5 * 5 meters, 6 x 6 m, 7x7 m, 8x8 m, 9x9 m, 10x10 m

Spire tent features:

1, the frame is made of high quality aluminum alloy aluminum composition, strong safety.

2, plus three from imported synthetic awning fabric made of PVC material with high strength, wind, rain, sun retardant and other advantages.

3, easy assembly and disassembly, is the best product outdoor exhibitions and outdoor activities.

4 tarpaulin folding, after the demolition frame is small, easy to transport and storage.

Spire tent Application: be widely used as banquet hall foyer, entrance channel, reception, lounge, etc. So we often see the tip of the roof and A-shaped room with additional canopy structures, spire tent also widely used in the exhibition. exhibition, public gatherings, holiday parties, marketing promotion stalls, kiosks and so on.