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5050RGB led Module7512LED module | 5050RGBLED Module

5050RGB led Module7512LED module | 5050RGBLED Module
  • 5050RGB led Module7512LED module | 5050RGBLED Module
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Custom processing no model 5050 Brands Shang Ming shinmi
Types of LED advertising lights Light type 5050 Power source 0.24(W)
Voltage 12(V) Dimensions 75 * 12 (mm) The main scope Advertising decoration
Lamp Specifications 5050 life 50000

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A, LED light source characteristics

SMD LED light source all the autonomy package, with easy installation, light color and moist, safety and energy saving, maintenance-free, long life.

Second, the characteristics of the LED module

1, waterproof modules quick and easy installation of a fixed slot, you can use screws, can also be double-sided adhesive glue, materials and design to ensure its safe transport and installation.

2, transparent epoxy resin to seal all the LED lamp beads, can achieve full waterproof, also has good heat dissipation.

3, cable lines of all coarse cold temperature, is conducive to high-temperature cold regions.

Third, the scope of application:

LED module is mainly used to display advertising fonts (acrylic, plastic) and identification of the night effect, it is the medium of text or logo, or wall mounted on top of the building, both during the day effects the performance of identity, exhibiting at night another effect, which together with LED lighting applications, control systems, text or logo on the dynamic video control.

installation method:
1, the module driven by constant voltage, the lights with solder beads, current limiting circuit board and 2P color (white for the DC-5V positive, black is negative) cable fixed directly after injection molding, poor rate of less than one-thousandth .
2, there is a negative special double-sided adhesive, it can be pasted directly after using tear layer, without any tools, but does not require complicated process. Installation is simple and fast.
3, the product characteristics for outdoor use, the use of Taiwan - Chi Mei LED chips, light intensity, low attenuation, easy to die light.
4, the shell is made of high-strength PVC material injection molding, durable, full waterproof, high temperature, to ensure that products for outdoor use.
5, using a single lamp wiring board with a single lane in and out can be arbitrarily cut, a single row of lamps can be lit independently, breaking the traditional "one does not light the rest Quanmie 'defects.
6, LED lamps can be taken before and after the bad one-for-one, and there is not a bad change a bunch of similar products, so that maintenance becomes easier.


Use glass glue or hot glue installed capacity to try to avoid touching the surface of light beads, there will likely lead to dead lights, because the heat capacity of glass, plastic or rubber are acidic substance, with silica gel beads lamp will produce a chemical reaction, there is a conflict !!



Condition: 100% Brand new

Type: 3LED 5050 Module

Light Source Life: 50000H

Optional color: RGB

LED quantity: 3PCS

Beam angle: 120 °

Working voltage: DC 12V

Power: 0.72W

Adhesive fixed: double-sided adhesive

Standard cascade: 20PCS

Shell material: PVC plastic material


Extensively applied in Backlighting for signage letters, concealed lighting and advertisement sign lightingEasy to install and operation.

Applicable for automobile decoration, contour lighting or border

Light up colorful home life, DIY household lights for hallways, stairs, trails, windows.

Light up colorful life hotels decoration use, Theaters, clubs, shopping malls, festivals and performances

Architectural decorative lighting, Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting, Security lighting and Emergency