5V12mm led decoration string light WS2801 IC

5V12mm led decoration string light WS2801 IC

Product description:

LED lamp beads number of pieces 50 LED chip brand An optical three size 12mm
Protection class IP65 Flux 18 (lm) Can I Dimmer can
Can toner Can not control method remote control Brands Shang Ming shinmi
Authenticate CE ROHS Using the occasion Advertising luminous characters life 50000(H)
Input voltage 5(V) shell material plastic model Light straw hat
Range of purposes Indoor and outdoor decoration Light Color ws2801 power 0.3
Voltage 5 The main scope Advertising word Colour white

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Type: WS2801

Diameter: 12mm

l Beam angle:120°

lLED Quantity: 1pcs

l Number of string lights: 50pcs / string

l Source life: 50,000 hours

l Driving mode: constant voltage drive

l Shell material: anti-static, anti-UV, PVC plastic material

l Color: White

lIP rating: IP65

First, waterproof LED light string features:

1. LED waterproof string lights comparatively simple, give full play to the advantages of point light sources, can be any combination embodies the randomness, the LED exposed luminous characters, large outdoor LED advertising signs made easier!

2. Special bayonet design, drilling directly after installation, quick installation time, at the same time ensure a reliable connection to rid itself of manual welding, avoid LED by latent damage, greatly shorten the production cycle, reduce installation and maintenance costs, reduce bad loss, completely solve the LED engineering and maintenance difficult situation!

3. A variety of sheet can be used (such as electrolytic plate, aluminum plate, iron, stainless steel, etc.)!

4. Taiwan LED chip, light intensity, light color consistency, color saturation is good, long life, low attenuation, to ensure product quality!

5. Product quality scientific waterproof (IP53) compression performance, to ensure that products for outdoor use!

6. The use of parallel connection, breaking the traditional "one does not light, all lights are bright 'fault!

7. LED light two-way access, separation equipment design, without understand the circuit, do not need to understand water craft, they can replace their own LED, make maintenance easier, solve the difficult problem of LED engineering and maintenance, and light beads with a year free value-added service warranty!

8. power, an average of one outdoor word about 300--400 LED lights, power consumption is about 15 watts, which means that light up eight hours a day, 8 days power consumption of about 1 degree!

9. allows users to use in a more secure environment, ideal for outdoor light words, signs and home decorative lighting applications, and increase the visible distance! 10 intelligent control system can produce gradient, jump, chase and other effects, and asynchronous and synchronous control, random order, to meet different user requirements! 11. string lights, small size, light weight, freight cost is almost negligible!

Second, waterproof LED string lights Specification:

1. 50led / string;

2. Operating voltage: DC5V;

3. LED Operating Current: 15-18mA .;

Third, waterproof LED light string Usage:

Waterproof LED light strings do outdoor luminous characters, outdoor signs but also highlight the brand and fashion, greatly enhance the business size and grade.

Mainly used for: star hotel outdoor signs, rooftop signs, hotel façade signs, hotel door signs, hotel signs facades, exterior LED piercing words, KTV signs, sauna center signs, restaurant signs, store signs, door the first signs, digital square signs, building signs property, shopping malls and other signs.

Fourth, the production of LED luminous characters exposed method steps:

1. LED outdoor sign production need tools: 30W or 40W soldering iron, solder, drill, glue gun, screwdrivers, etc.

2. LED outdoor signs made of other materials: paint metal forming words (best buy locally to reduce transportation costs), wires (our factory can provide), LED signs dedicated power supply (DC5V, our factory can provide).

3. Drilling: the outsourcing of metal forming words fixed to the right place, with the drill hole (9mm), according to the height and spacing of the production cost of outdoor licensing system installation may be, the general LED center spacing: 10-30mm pitch? small brightness? high, the higher the cost.

4. insert lights: clean up the drilled holes, put the lights one by one.

5. Connection: Shenzhen Shang Mingguang Power Co., Ltd. has already made good and waterproof LED light strings, each string are reserved for the thread, received a general power of positive red, black thread received a special power LED negative power supply is best placed in the water supply tank.

6. Test aging: After all the LED even better, check processing does not shine, and then aging test for 48 hours.

7. transport to the site, scaffolding on-site installation.

V. Precautions

1. Outdoor waterproof LED string voltage of each DC 5V, current of about 16 mA.

2. Use the output voltage of DC 5 volt power supply.

3. Waterproof LED Power calculation: for example, the output voltage of the power supply can be installed 5V30A number of LED lights: 30 * 0.8 / 0.16 = 1500 LED lights, or about 75 string waterproof LED (20 Salvia Splendens), it is recommended 1000 an LED with a power supply.

4. The power supply wire leads from the cross-sectional area not less than 4 mm2 (also 2 2.5).

5. The red light string to the power supply of electronic line positive (some for the two, and after receiving the positive power supply).

6. The light string to the power supply of electronic line black negative (some for the two, and then to the power supply negative).

7. found that individual does not light, please squeeze LED lamp and seat, such as the amount does not replace the LED lamp (LED lamp bead with pliers to pull out).

8. This waterproof string lights are not allowed to cut otherwise it will affect the other LED lamp beads, mantissa can be equipped with 5 / string.

LED light string use

Waterproof LED light strings do outdoor luminous characters, outdoor signs but also highlight the brand and fashion, greatly enhance the business size and grade is mainly used for: star hotel outdoor signs, rooftop signs, hotel façade signs, hotel door signs, Hotel exterior wall signs, facades LED piercing words, KTV signs, sauna center signs, restaurant signs, store signs, door signs, digital square signs, building signs property, shopping mall signs, etc.


DC 5V 0.3W
IP 66 with high bightness
manufacturer direct price
CE & rohs
DMX & arduino compatible

Features Features

l Programable by Software
l Individually Control
l Conformal Coating, PVC glue protection
l IP66, Water-proof protection
l Easy installation (punching 12mm hole on metal panel)
l 50pcs per set, 8cm spacing The pixels are connected by a 4-conductor cable


Model NO.


IC chip


Power Consumption


Work Voltage


Beam Angle


LED Quantity

1 pcs


Full color (ICRGB)



Waterproof Grade


Work Temperature







1 years


the project chart

LED sign

Environmental protection and less fever phenomenon with Color changing

Widely use on Night BAR, Club

Rugged and reliable compared with traditional fluorescent lamp

with longer life-span

LED screen

Used for LED screen for advertisement and so on

Park and street decoration lighting

Fast start with no flicker to protect eye under safety drving

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