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mini LED RGB controller RGBLED mini light bar controller dimmer manufacturers wholesale

mini LED RGB controller RGBLED mini light bar controller dimmer manufacturers wholesale
  • mini LED RGB controller RGBLED mini light bar controller dimmer manufacturers wholesale
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Custom processing no Material plastic Brands Shang Ming -shinmi
model 3k

Factory outlets! RGB lights microcontroller remote control!
The main purposes: for online controller RGB light strip lights with RGB controller remote control Miniature
Power: 100W can be connected
Dynamic effects: 19 kinds
Static: 20 kinds
Dynamic effects speed level: 5
Level brightness adjustment: 5
PWM control level: 256
Maximum output power: 3 * 4A
TV output power: 144W
The whole machine size: 42 * 12 * 3MM
Mini colorful LED light bar controller (common anode)
19 kinds of dynamic effects. 20 kinds of static effect.
Built up to 19 dynamic effects as well as 20 kinds of static color!
Reached a peak performance of similar products by the slender body of the touch button, you can easily adjust the various modes, speed, color and brightness. The machine also has a memory function and up to 144W output power.
installation steps:
1, a light bar plug into the OUTPUT socket, light bar plug for an arrow with a triangular arrowhead OUTPUT corresponds
2, will be marked with a + 12V cable colors shown in the figure is connected to the + 12V power supply, and ensure good insulation, no shorts.
3, to the power supply and start working.
Make sure the joints and good insulation, no shorts.
Key Description:
1, MODE key: Dynamic mode key, press the mode button to cycle through 19 kinds of dynamic effects, each press to switch a dynamic effect Press MODE key more than one second to switch to.
Demo mode, demo mode will automatically cycle demonstrates a variety of dynamic patterns.
2, COLOR button: static color key, press COLOR to toggle 20 kinds of static colors, each press switch STATIC color.
3, SPEED / BRIGHT key: function key in dynamic adjustment mode Press to adjust the speed of dynamic mode, dynamic speed is divided into 5 levels, each time you press a switching speed;.
In COLOR mode to adjust the brightness of the lights, the brightness is also divided into 5 levels, each time you press a switch brightness levels.
4, the switch function: long press SPEED / BRIGHT key for about one second will shut down, shut down after press any key to return to the state before the shutdown.

1, using the power supply voltage must match the operating voltage of this product.
2, please press the correct wiring diagram, taking care to avoid short-circuiting during the operation.
3, the product shelf life is one year, but does not include the case of man-made damage or overworked.
(Note) The mini controllers middle button without switching function, with a switch to function, click the link below:


12V-24V Mini 3 Keys RGB Color LED Controller Dimmer for 3528 5050 LED Strip


• Type: Mini Controller

• Connection mode: Common Anode (+)

• Input: 12V-24V

• Output: 12V 6A (72W)

• Max load current: 2A each color

• Working Temperature: -20 ° C-60 ° C

• Mode & Pattern:

• Size: 35mm x 12mm x 4mm ± 0.2mm

• Support 10 meters SMD 5050 30LEDs / M LED Strips or 5 meters SMD 5050 60LEDs / M LED Strips

• Match with many kinds of LED modules;

• we can connect limitless LED modules by connecting the repeaters in series.

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Shang Mingguang electric -shinmi Description:
(1), 3528,5050 series of bare boards, Epoxy waterproof, waterproof casing, Epoxy waterproof casing low-pressure 12vLED soft light (white, warm white, cool white, yellow, green, blue, red, purple, etc. );

(2), 3528,5050 series RGB, Happy Valley, running water, scanning, full-color, Symphony LED flexible light strip

(3), 3528,5050 series 220v high voltage LED lights;
(4), LED flexible light strip (RGB, Happy Valley, running water, scanning, full-color, Symphony) controller;

(5), LED lights power supply

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