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Guangdong LED module advertising lighting manufacturers wholesale, 5050LED signs channel letter waterproof module

Guangdong LED module advertising lighting manufacturers wholesale, 5050LED signs channel letter waterproof module
  • Guangdong LED module advertising lighting manufacturers wholesale, 5050LED signs channel letter waterproof module
Product code: 26937300001
Unit price: 1.45-1.5 CNY
Reference price: 0.21-0.22 USD
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Customized processing Whether Model 5050 Brand Shang Ming shinmi
Type LED advertising light Light source types 5050 Led power 0.24(W)
Voltage 12(V) Overall dimensions 75*12(mm) The main scope of Advertising decoration
Lamp specifications 5050 Life 50000

Hello friends! Shenzhen Shang Mingguang electric limited welcomes you of to patronage! first thanks you on this company and the products of concern; on we has part not thoughtful of service with to you of inconvenience deep table apologies, please you of understanding! if here has you by need of products, please will you of needs told we, to we faster better of for you service; if we of products cannot meet you of need or you on we of products and service was not satisfaction, please you criticism, corrected to we timely of corrected and constantly of forward!


1 colors: colors can be divided into single, colorful, full-color single-point control of three.

2 voltage: 12V low voltage modules are relatively common. connecting power supply and control system be sure to check the correctness of the voltage value, to power on, otherwise it will damage the LED module.

3 operating temperature: temperature that LED to work properly. usually in between-20 ° c ~ + 60℃. 4 beam angle: generally provided by manufacturers, LED beam angle for angle of LED modules.

5 brightness: we usually said in the brightness of the LED module is often luminous intensity and streams lightness.

6 waterproof rating: If Outdoor LED module this argument is important, and usually wide open the best waterproof to IP68.

7 dimensions: is known as the aspect of higher dimensions.

8 the maximum length of a single connection: is a series LED module, the number of LED modules connected.

9 power :Basically a single LED power LED module power = x 1.1 x LED number.


By color type can is divided into monochrome, colorful, full color single points control three species, monochrome is single species color of module, General has red, green, yellow, white and so on is compared common of; colorful LED module is by seven species different color for transform of module products, it color more, more has changes sex; full color LED module and colorful compared is more rich, it can achieved full really of color changes, not only very beautiful, and dynamic full, also more can attract people of eye.

Can be divided into low-power single LED power (0.3W), power (0.3-0.5W), high power (1W or more) three high power module is higher than low power on the brightness and use longer, is a whole trend of LED lighting, more practicality.

By sealed sex and can is divided into waterproof and not waterproof two species. waterproof and not waterproof of module main is see application environment to distinguish of, General waterproof of LED module can using Yu outdoor lighting and publicity using, it not because water and occurred problem, more for bad of environment application, and not waterproof module is main is indoor with of compared more. certainly, waterproof of module than not waterproof of in price Shang also to high some.

In accordance with the shape of LED LED modules are divided into: direct plug-in type LED module, Piranha LED modules, LED SMD modules.


LED of voltage in 2-4V ranging, power also has more wide of range, specific selection which species LED also to see this module as a products for of technology requirements. like this LED module need output 10lm of light, appearance Shang see with two star LED compared good, on can select 5lm a star of LED. combined color (LED voltage and color about), temperature, quality, other factors, on can found a paragraph right products of LED.


Main for show advertising font (pressure acrylic, sucking plastic) and identifies of night effect, it to text or identifies for media, installation in buildings top Department or wall surface, both can performance identifies day effect, and can using LED as Glow light, in night performance out addition a effect, again distribution to LED lighting application control system, on text or identifies for dynamic video control, in some entertainment atmosphere more thick of places, LED light module has into has Enterprise show self image of most important of select one of..

Instructions for use

A, at this stage with Shang glow word of light main to General set entered voltage are for DC12V of LED three lamp, five lamp, six lamp of light module compared General, need through constant pressure of switch power output of DC12V for power, so to note installation glow Word Shi if no installation switch power, avoid don't will glow Word or LED light module directly market electric Exchange 220V power, or will will LED light because voltage high and burned.

Second, working at full capacity for a long time in order to avoid switching power supply, switching power supply and LED load power best of 1:0.8, according to configure product life will be safe and sustainable.

Three, if module over 25 group Shi, should first separate connection, again by is greater than 1.5 square mm of quality copper core line parallel in with connection to glow Word box outside, power line length should as short, as over 3 meters must appropriate increased line diameter, module end without of line for avoid short-circuit must to cut broken paste must to firm, necessary Shi with since attack screws fixed not waterproof series outdoor using Shi, slot type Word must do waterproof measures;

Four, to have enough brightness. Visual brightness module spacing required between 3 to 6CM, the thickness can be selected between 5 and 15CM. applies to LED lights have two letters: Piranhas and small hats. Piranha led modules suitable for height in the 8-15cm between the letters of the word wall.

Five, in using LED glow module of process in the, must to note voltage drop of problem. do don't only do a article loop, from first series tail. such do not only will makes end Zhijian due to voltage different and led to brightness inconsistent, also will produced single road current had big burned line Board of problem. right of practices is as more parallel some loop, to guarantee voltage and current of distribution reasonable.

Six words within the cavity as required use corrosion-resistant materials, it is best to use a white primer, to increase the reflection coefficient.