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LED Module | square LED modules | 5050 Waterproof LED Module | LED module factory outlets

LED Module | square LED modules | 5050 Waterproof LED Module | LED module factory outlets
  • LED Module | square LED modules | 5050 Waterproof LED Module | LED module factory outlets
Product code: 26937000001
Unit price: 2.4-2.5 CNY
Reference price: 0.35-0.37 USD
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Custom processing no model 5050 Brands Shang Ming shinmi
Types of LED advertising lights Light type 5050 Power source 0.24(W)
Voltage 12(V) Dimensions 35 * 35 (mm) The main scope Advertising decoration
Lamp Specifications 5050 life 50000

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1 Color: Color types can be divided into color, colorful, full-color single-point control of three.

2 voltage: 12V current low-voltage module is more common when connecting power and control system, be sure to check the correctness of the voltage value, to power up, otherwise it will damage the LED module.

3 Working temperature: LED work temperature that is usually between -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃ .4 Viewing angle:. LED light angle generally provided by the manufacturer for the LED module angle.

5 Brightness: we usually refer to the LED module is usually luminous intensity brightness and lumen.

6 Waterproof: If you want outdoor LED modules, then this parameter is very important, usually in the open air of the whole situation to achieve best waterproof rating IP68.

7 Size: 35 * 35mm

The maximum length of 8 single connection: that is, a series LED modules, the number of connected LED modules.

9 Power: 0.96w / pcs


Mainly used to display advertising fonts (acrylic, plastic) and identification of the night effect, it is the medium of text or logo, or wall mounted on top of the building, both during the day effects the performance of identity, but also use LED as light source at night showed another effect, which together with LED lighting applications, control systems, text or logo on the dynamic video control, and in some places thicker atmosphere entertainment, LED light source module has become a corporate self-image to show the best one important choice ..