LED Module | square LED modules | 5050 Waterproof LED Module | LED module factory outlets

LED Module | square LED modules | 5050 Waterproof LED Module | LED module factory outlets

Product description:

Custom processing no model 5050 Brands Shang Ming shinmi
Types of LED advertising lights Light type 5050 Power source 0.24(W)
Voltage 12(V) Dimensions 35 * 35 (mm) The main scope Advertising decoration
Lamp Specifications 5050 life 50000

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A .LED / 5050 White module specifications and parameters

(Model): SLL-5050W-3636FS-12V

(LED type): SMD5050

(LED Number): A set of 4 pcs lights

(Factory number): General 20 groups in series.

(Light flux): single 16-18lm

(Housing color): Stainless steel

(Size): 36 * 36mm

(Operating Voltage): AC85-265V DC12

(Color): red, yellow, blue, green, purple, white, warm white

(Frequency): 50-60HZ

(Beam Angle): more than 120 °

II. Products

III. Product Description

1. Taiwan chips, high brightness light source, angle, color, a consistency, and stable performance;

2. Every four LED form a loop, the loop can be cut at length on demand, without damaging other parts

3. easy mounting flexibility allows tailoring construction and convenient operation, ultra-thin design, low temperature light source, so that the products in the installation process to select the auxiliary material with a more flexible.;

4. energy-saving, low heat, low energy consumption, pollution, and beautiful;

5. Using DC12V power supply, the use of safer;

6. The highest degree of protection up to IP65, use a wider range;

7. Small size, color and more, no radiation rugged, high shock resistance, is a new generation of green high-tech products.

8. Applications: skyline, lighting, buildings, advertising wall signs, Christmas decorative landscape; display case lighting, cabinet lighting, decorative lighting store, lighting, art lighting, hotels, villas home lighting.