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High voltage LED ticker tape | 220vLED Marquee Article

High voltage LED ticker tape | 220vLED Marquee Article
  • High voltage LED ticker tape | 220vLED Marquee Article
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Reference price: 2.88-2.91 USD
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Custom processing Yes Brands Shang Ming -shinmi model 5050 60-220v
Power source 14.4(W) Voltage 220(V) Colour white
The main scope Indoor and outdoor decoration

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Name: LED lights with high pressure bead 5050-60
Voltage: 220V-240V normal household voltage.
Wattage: 14.4W / m.
Material: Casing: PVC plastic material + FPC board.
Source: light body: SMDLED high brightness lamp beads,
Weight: 8 kg / roll (50 meters)
Protection: IP65
Normal life: 35,000 hours of indoor, outdoor 30,000 hours Delivery:

Tips:! Arbitrarily curved Oh it convenient and easy to install, most suitable for home building decoration, decorative ceiling ceiling dark nest, gardens, bridges, walkways, large decorative works, etc. can be used, reflective effect is very good.
product features:
1) ultra-bright, beam angle of 120 ° SMD production, heat a small, light is small;
2) light bar is soft, flexible, easy installation and maintenance; good water resistance up to IP67;
3) the outer layer is made of special plastic materials, seismic, pressure, UV, not broken;
4) High temperature up to 80 °;
5) to the length of the reference cell may have cut portions cut to identify any length;
6) lights work, the maximum length of 50 meters can be connected at a plug with a conventional case about 50 meters;
7) Working temperature -25 ° to 45 °, the storage temperature of -30 ° to 50 °;
8) does not need another configuration switching power supply, high cost; soft light, pure, non-glare: light body with high transparency, a special formulation of green PVC plastic material production, even and soft light.
9) DC power supply, flicker-free long life: the normal life of up to 40,000 hours or more, long life and without replacement, almost no maintenance costs.
10) Green: The LED solid cold light source, no mercury, lead and hazardous substances, after the end of life can be recycled, ROHS compliant energy efficient: luminous efficiency of 67Lm / W, than the traditional 60% energy saving lights .
1) architectural decorative lights, home decoration, decorative ceiling corner
2) archway, canopy and bridge edge decoration lighting
3) Holiday decorations
4) emergency lighting in corridors and halls crossing
5) amusement park, theater decorative lighting
6) Stairs warning lighting, lighting, signs, advertising signs
7) bar, cabinet, jewelry cabinet, showcase decoration

This high-voltage lights can be one meter a cut, and then matched to specific power adapter, high-voltage adapter and RGB color is different:

Black button calls up a different mode

Single red

Single blue

Single Green

Red and blue

Red and green

Blue and green

Splicing detailed as follows (35,285,050 color RGB Marquee with a consistent approach):

common problem:

Q: LED lights with T5 lamps and where the advantages over have nay??

A 'LED lights now gradually replace the traditional T5 lamp, more power, longer life. Cove used to make the living room, TV backdrop, cupboards, wardrobes, stairs contour, stair outline and the like.

LED lights with the advantage that it can be bent, it is appropriate shape, which is ordinary lamp can not be achieved, and the very power!

Q: The lights must cut unitary whole rice as 12.8 meters when I need to ruffle do??
A: The lamp with the principles applied in parallel to the series is based on the design specifications is a full meter cut to your needs if there is not a whole rice, such as when: 12.8 m, NA me only whole-meter intercept of 13 meters and more You can turn back on the 20cm light tank, or the more out of black electrical tape wrapped off either.

Q: SMD LED lights with flat LDE than three / four lines with a good unitary WHY??
A: The principle of SMD chip and flat lamp with three / four lines are the same, but the source material SMD3528 SMD LED strip with the 3528 lamp beads, which one SMD3528 lamp beads capable of reaching the two F3 straw hat lamp with brightness that is 60 beads SMD LED brightness can be achieved with a traditional flat four-wire LED lights with 120 beads.

Q: buy lights also need to configure other accessories unitary?

A: The lights need to configure our dedicated LED ballast bridge plug can only be used with or without light plug is not configured to use, oh, please parents who pay attention to buy Oh !! lamp with plug based on your number of segments to the command, paragraphs lights, then you need to configure the corresponding plug oh.

SMD SMD 220V lights with high pressure (60) Production Scenario:

Shang Mingguang electric products energy-saving effect table:

Shang Ming has been working to:

Shang Mingguang electric -shinmi Description:
(1), 3528,5050 series of bare boards, Epoxy waterproof, waterproof casing, Epoxy waterproof casing low-pressure 12vLED soft light (white, warm white, cool white, yellow, green, blue, red, purple, etc. );

(2), 3528,5050 series RGB, Happy Valley, running water, scanning, full-color, Symphony LED flexible light strip

(3), 3528,5050 series 220v high voltage LED lights;
(4), LED flexible light strip (RGB, Happy Valley, running water, scanning, full-color, Symphony) controller;

(5), LED lights power supply

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