Happy LED soft light signal amplifier, Happy Valley LED lights with signal booster, repeater LED manufacturers

Happy LED soft light signal amplifier, Happy Valley LED lights with signal booster, repeater LED manufacturers

Product description:

Custom processing no Material plastic Brands Shang Ming -shinmi
model Amplifier

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Function: Signal Repeater

Power: 144W


This product uses infrared remote control, one-touch function control is simple, can be realized colorful Happy, Happy Valley, monochrome, mixed color Happy Valley, colorful gradual, transition, flash and other dynamic features, speed adjustable brightness, having broken memory function without frequently set up. this is suitable for controlling various 9-way LED lights and LED modules.

Technical Parameters

A related parameters:

Working temperature: -20-60 ℃ Output voltage: 12V DC

Size: 70 * 45 * 28 mm Maximum Load Current: 2A * 9

Connection mode: common anode

Second, use:

1. Place the amplifier behind the light bar series controller and ensure light bar (module) public terminal (V + common anode or common cathode V-) and the common terminal controller corresponding connection (control input and output lines logo, front and back can not be wrong)

2. The DC12V power supply into controller DC seat, ensure that the power supply to achieve load power.

Fourth, note:

1, the product uses a DC voltage of 12 volts (DC12V), please do not pick on other voltages

2, the power cord can not be short-circuited to each other, causing a short circuit

3, the color should be in accordance with the lead wiring diagram provided correct wiring

4, limited warranty period for this product is one year, but does not include man-made damage, overload of work and not the resistance situation.

Amplifier Description: